Tucker Carlson Reveals Election ‘100% Stolen’ From Trump, Shocking Analysis Unveiled

(Congress Report) – Legendary journalist Tucker Carlson recently sat down for a chat with Lex Fridman where he took an opportunity to lay out his theory for how the Democratic Party stole the 2020 election from Donald Trump. Without Fox News looking over his shoulder, Carlson is finally free to fully express himself and say exactly what he thinks and believes without fear of consequences. That is what journalism is really all about. And thankfully, he’s doing the Lord’s work, keying us all into what the left is trying to do in the shadows.

“It was 100% stolen. Are you joking?” Carlson stated during the interview, according to The Western Journal. “They completely changed the way people vote right before the election, on the basis of COVID, which had nothing to do with –”

Fridman quickly interjected, “So in that way it was rigged, meaning manipulated?”

“One hundred percent,” the former Fox News host responded. “Then you censor the information people are allowed to get? Anyone who complains about COVID? Which is like, by the way, it might’ve hurt Trump.”

“In 2021, the Republican National Committee conducted a six-month investigation into the 2020 presidential election, concluding in a 23-page report that Democrats exploited the COVID-19 pandemic to make unlawful changes to election rules, facilitating President Joe Biden’s victory,” the WJ article said.

“The 2021 report was addressed to RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, who recently announced she will step down from her post this spring. It criticized the expansion of mail voting and the relaxation of voting integrity measures, attributing these changes to Democratic officials and allies under the guise of pandemic response,” it continued.

It then goes on to allege these actions compromised election security, watered down the verification processes and hid all of this from GOP poll watchers, which undermined election integrity and voter confidence. In summary, it was massive voter fraud and the reason why so many people do not trust the system today.

“In the report, the RNC suggested implementing a year-round election integrity operation and recommended measures like voter ID requirements and banning ballot harvesting to prevent future fraud to ensure election security. The report alleged that there was a clear absence of transparency, a point Carlson expressed in his interview with Fridman,” the piece noted.

“I mean you could play it many different ways. You can’t have censorship in a democracy, by definition,” Carlson explained.

“Here’s how it works. The people rule. They vote for representatives to carry their agenda to the capital city and get it enacted. That’s how they’re in charge. And then, every few years, they get to reassess the performance of those people in an election. In order to do that, they need access — unfettered access — to information. And no one, particularly not people who are already in power, is allowed to tell them what information they can have. They have to have all information that they want, whether the people in charge want it or don’t want it or think it’s true or think it’s false, it doesn’t matter. And the second you don’t have that, you don’t have a democracy. It’s not a free election, period,” he added.

Back in October 2020, a poll was published by Gallup that revealed a majority of the American public had lost pretty much all of its faith in the news media, no longer believing they possessed the willingness or ability to “fully, accurately, and fairly,” report on the news of the day.

In January, a Gallup poll also discovered that voters have, for the most part, lost trust in those elected to represent them in Congress and believe that being a lawmaker is the second-least-trusted profession after telemarketers. When you are only one rung below a telemarketer, it’s pretty clear people don’t like you. That’s not the place you want to be in when helping to govern the nation.

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  1. Not hard to figure out. We all saw the videos of late votes being counted illegally. And how many arrested for voters fraud already. Yet nothing will ever be d9ne about the corruption of the far left Communist democrat party tobstealmthe elections. And nowxwith 2024 in ih view one see’s the illegals set up to vote for another election theft by the far left Communist democrat party. Yet they still try blaming Trump of doing what they are. Go figure !!!

  2. My reply is is to why the Supreme Court didn’t hear this out in 2020 when they had all of the evidence in the world that they cheated? WHY? Nobody has told me why, and everything that I have read doesn’t tell me why?!?!!! So, WHY when 1/2 the world wants to know WHY too?!!’nn

  3. Definetly rigged in 2020, counting stops in the middle of the night with Trump leading and when counting resumes hours later Biden is ahead by thousands of votes, sending poll workers home, then taking boxes out from under the table, changing the rules in the middle of election, fake reports of water pipes breaking


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