WATCH: Trump Receives Hero’s Welcome At Chick-fil-A

(Congress Report) – One of the claims that Democrats have used for years to prey on the “marginalized” and minorities is that they are the party of the “little people” and those who get lost in the shuffle or used by rich, powerful, white people who typically vote Republican. However, former President Donald Trump is destroying that narrative and proving that this isn’t the case at all. You can almost hear the left screaming in agony as they hold on by a thread to the way they have accomplished their victories in times past.

A recent series of videos shared by Trump’s deputy director of communications, Margo Martin, demonstrate Trump is becoming a hit with folks who were formerly considered to strictly belong to the Democratic Party. One such series of clips, showcasing a recent campaign stop, has gone viral with a super positive response.

According to The Western Journal, “Local Atlanta news outlet WSB-TV reported on the event, saying that Trump was in the city for a fundraising stop and popped into the local fast-food chain location as a surprise. WXIA-TV told viewers that Trump had landed at Hartsfield-Jackson airport shortly before noon Wednesday, and his Chick-fil-A sojourn came shortly after his landing.”

“All three videos revealed that both the crowd and the employees in the Chick-fil-A were predominantly African-American, and several customers expressed their support for the former president while shaking hands with Trump and taking selfies. In the first video, Trump knew just what he needed to do if he wanted to demonstrate his goodwill,” the report continued.

The former president then put in an order for 30 milkshakes and some chicken before he asked the restaurant workers to gather around the cash register, saying, “is this good?” The employees replied with a very enthusiastic “yes!”

The second clip shows Trump with a huge crowd, consisting almost entirely of African-American individuals. One man in the group yelled to the former president, “I love you, man!” Many others who were there took time to shake his hand and ask to take photos with him.

In the final video posted by Martin, an African-American woman approached Trump and told him, “I don’t care what the media tells you, Mr. Trump, we support you,” to which the former president responded, “Come here — let me give you a hug!”

The crowd exploded into cheers as the two took a few pictures together.

“As WSB reminded its viewers, Trump is polling quite well with the African-American demographic, even though, historically, African-Americans have overwhelmingly turned out for the Democratic party. Moreover, these videos have dramatically demonstrated that, in this case, there was truth behind those polls, possibly more so than the numbers indicated,” the article stated. “In recent decades, a fast-food restaurant with a predominantly African-American crowd would not have been a friendly place for someone like Trump.”

People are waking up to reality. Biden’s policies hurt everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, or religion. Democrats have been promising to help improve the lives of minorities for years and years. But look at the conditions of cities run by the left. There has been no improvement. Nothing has changed. Promises have not been kept. Minority groups are seeing that they are nothing more than pawns to the left and are finally beginning to look at the values and principles being hailed by the right, it’s resonating with them.

The left is no longer the “working class” party. Republicans have taken that position.

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