Anti-Trump Media Figures Caught Holding Secret Weekly Meetings

(Congress Report) – Have you ever flipped through your TV channels and noticed that it feels like the vast majority of mainstream media networks spout the same exact talking points against former President Donald Trump? Well, guess what? It’s because they do. Sometimes the simplest, most obvious answer is the correct one.

Joe Saunders of The Western Journal writes, “A lengthy, report published Tuesday by the Inside-the-Beltway Bible Politico revealed that some of the best-known opponents of former President Donald Trump have been conducting weekly conference calls to compare notes on Trump’s ongoing legal battles.”

Hilariously, Politico then stated that there’s absolutely no conspiracy here. I don’t know how they can make that claim with a straight face, knowing for a fact the whole point of syncing all of these talking points together across multiple networks is to saturate the viewing audience with a particular narrative they are spinning.

“Clocking in at 2,700 carefully chosen words, the report by Politico senior writer and former federal prosecutor Ankush Khardori went into considerable detail about how often the meetings take place and who attends,” Saunders continues.

“They’re weekly, and attendees include such viciously anti-Trump figures as George Conway, the partisan fool of a former husband to erstwhile Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway; NeverTrump ‘conservative’ William Kristol; and the usual rogues gallery of leftist network commentators like Harvard law professor emeritus Laurence Tribe and CNN’s self-gratifying Jeffrey Toobin,” the article went on to say.

Again, they went to great lengths to make folks buy into the idea that this is all normal and there’s nothing fishy going on beneath the surface. They don’t want you to think that they are engaged in shady business to ensure President Joe Biden gets another term in the Oval Office. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

“As I was reporting this story, I learned that some members of the group were understandably anxious about its publication,” Khardori writes in the report. “Trump has claimed that there is a legal conspiracy against him, and there is a risk that news of a group such as this could give Trump and his allies an attractive target.”

“Really? News that some of the most influential faces on network television are getting together regularly to discuss how to spin the news might make an ‘attractive target’ for Americans who are convinced mainstream media figures are working together to coordinate how to spin the news?” Khardori says.

A commentator that was not named told Khardori, “It runs the risk of creating the impression that there is an agreement or cooperation or conspiracy across mainstream media entities … And that could feed into some false and damaging perceptions, particularly on the right.”

The article also mentions the similarity of the group of talking heads with JournoList, which is an electronic forum that was put together to allegedly help a group of journalists to coordinate efforts to support former President Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

“But a group of legal analysts and political commentators who are largely up front about their anti-Trump leanings sharing opinions and theories off the record isn’t the same as a bunch of journalists who profess to be non-partisan,” Khardori’s article reads.

However, the lead paragraph paints a very different picture.

“As the Jan. 6 committee was working on its bombshell investigation into the Capitol riot and President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the last election, committee staffers took some time out of their seemingly 24-hour jobs one day in 2022 to brief a group of lawyers and legal pundits on a Zoom call,” Khardori states.

“The people on the call weren’t affiliated with the investigation or the government. But they would have been familiar to anyone who watches cable news. They were some of the country’s most well-known legal and political commentators, and they were there to get insights into the committee’s work and learn about what to look for at the hearings,” it continues.

Conservatives, of course, aren’t falling for the lies.

It doesn’t take a particularly bright individual to see that this is a strategy these propagandists are using in order to try and blanket the entire country with a specific narrative to trash Trump while hailing our cognitively challenged president as the second coming of the Messiah.

Thankfully, there are Americans who are fighting back and exposing the truth, ensuring that these media clowns don’t get away with it.

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