Indictments Issued: Two Principals Accused Of Electioneering To Disrupt GOP Primary

(Congress Report) – Two school principals from the state of Texas are catching all kinds of heat after they used their positions, along with the school’s communication system, to try and get those working under their authority to vote against candidates who were backing school choice measures in the 2024 Republican Party primary. Talk about an abuse of trust and power.

Folks, it might be time to consider homeschooling your children at this point. We need to be willing to do whatever it takes to protect our kids from the horrors being pushed on them. The Education Department wants to normalize sexual deviance and see kids accept as normal things like transgenderism and homosexuality. Liberals want kids indoctrinated as leftists politically in order to help them create the dystopian future they have planned for America. What these two principals did proves that the system is overloaded with individuals who have successfully become part of the progressive hive mind.

As per The Western Journal, “In the case of two public school employees in Denton, Texas, their transgressions of pushing politics at work has crossed over from merely inappropriate to criminal.”

“Alexander Elementary School principal Lindsay Luján, 36, and her husband, Borman Elementary School principal Jesús Luján, 33, who both work for the Denton Independent School District in Texas, have been indicted for unlawful use of an internal mail system for political advertising thanks to their political posturing, according to KERA,” the article continued.

The charges are considered to be Class A misdemeanors under the Texas election code.

“Both Lujáns improperly sent emails to their teachers and fellow staffers urging them to go to the polls and vote for specific Republican candidates who fully support government-funded schools and who oppose school choice initiatives, the indictment said,” the report noted.

Local media outlet, KEYE-TV, divulged that Lindsay Lujan promised to provide 30-minute breaks to members of the staff in order to go out and vote early. She also set out lists of the candidates which revealed whether they were “friendly” or “unfriendly” to public schools.

Jesus Lujan then blasted out a bunch of emails of his own to staffers informing them not to think along party lines in the primary election, but to have what he referred to as a “purple mindset” and to vote for candidates along issues, especially based on whether or not they supported schools. He is being accused of telling his staff members to “vote for candidates who support public education and school funding.”

“The couple have been under a cloud for some time, too. Already Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office settled an electioneering lawsuit filed on Feb. 22 against the pair,” the WJ penned.

“It is absolutely improper for publicly funded entities like school districts to engage in electioneering as Denton ISD has done,” Paxton asserted back in February. “Government officials everywhere are on notice that I will use every legal remedy available to me to stop school districts from influencing or coercing their employees to vote any particular way, especially when a district uses taxpayer resources and money to do so.”

However, the settlement launched a criminal investigation into their violation of Texas election laws.

“Denton ISD and the Texas Attorney General’s Office previously settled this case on Friday, March 1. As stated previously, we agree that election laws should be followed,” the school system disclosed in a statement.

“Our Board of School Trustees adopted board policies in 2018 and 2021 regarding elections and campaign ethics, and we train all Trustees and Administrators on these policies annually. It is our expectation that these policies be followed,” it continued.

This is why the issue of election integrity is so important. We witnessed first hand in 2020 how vulnerable our system really is, and this incident in Texas only provides further evidence to vindicate that concern. We need to be passing laws in each state or even at the federal level, protecting the vote of every citizen in order to ensure that the voices of all Americans are heard loud and clear.

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  1. Unfortunately these things are peanut compared to the real and massive election fraud that is going on. Token investigations to make use think real investigation is happening.

  2. Confusing:
    The article must be making an incorrect and/ misleading report over who to vote for or vote against. In one place the report says vote against GOP candidates, in another place it says vote for Republican candidates.
    1. …to vote against GOP candidates…
    2. “Both Lujáns improperly sent emails to their teachers and fellow staffers urging them to go to the polls and vote for specific Republican candidates…

    • Not confusing at all. Vote AGAINST school choice candidates and then, to vote FOR certain candidates (those who favor public school funding. This was for the GOP primaries and not the general election (yet).


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