Tucker Carlson: Is House Speaker Mike Johnson Being Blackmailed?

(Congress Report) – Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a fiery Republican from the state of Georgia, offered a theory as to why it seems that Speaker of the House Mike Johnson is a bit more gung-ho to help the left than they would have guessed, during an interview she did with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Just a month ago, Greene filed a motion to vacate Johnson after the $1.2 trillion spending bill was passed. The legislation was drafted as a means of preventing a government shutdown.

As of this writing, Greene has yet to set a date for a vote on whether or not to remove Johnson from his seat as Speaker. Strangely, more than a few Democrats have promised to stand up for him when the vote occurs. Now why in the world would radicals on the left want to offer any help to Speaker Johnson who is a professed Christian conservative? It’s a very interesting question with massive implications for the future of our country.

According to Mediaite, “During an interview with Carlson released on Wednesday, Greene bashed the speaker for recently supporting new military and financial assistance for Ukraine. Earlier this week, Johnson suggested the U.S. seize and sell Russian assets to help cover costs of aiding Ukraine.”

Greene claimed that the out-of-the-blue change in Johnson’s Ukraine policy might be the result of him “being blackmailed.”

Here’s a transcript of the conversation between Greene and Carlson:

GREENE: “But now Mike Johnson has has made a complete departure of who he is, and what he stands for, and to the point where people are literally asking, is he blackmailed? What is wrong with him because he’s completely disconnected with what we want?”

CARLSON: “Do you think he is being blackmailed?”

GREENE: “I have no idea. I can’t comprehend, Tucker, what radically changes a man. I mean, if we break down the the second part of basically an omnibus. Let’s break that down. So Mike Johnson is pro-life. And the second part of the omnibus, just less than two weeks ago, he funded full term abortion clinics, full term abortion clinics. He funded the trans agenda on children. I mean, how does that even happen from a Christian conservative Republican speaker?

He did nothing for the southern border, did nothing to secure the border. And this comes on the heels of Laken Riley being brutally murdered. This came on the heels of a video that was running on loop on social media, where illegal aliens had rushed our border, ran over Texas National Guard, ran over Border Patrol agents in order to invade our country. These were military age men, by the way. He did nothing to secure our border. It’s the number one issue in the world.

He completely changed who he was, funded the FBI, gave them a brand new building, fully funded the Department of Justice that is persecuting everyone on the right and actually targeting presidential candidate for election this year. Literally trying to put him in jail the rest of his life. We don’t know who Mike Johnson is anymore. So there’s no I can’t comprehend it.”

Carlson offered a bit of speculation of his own, stating that there are a number of top leaders in Congress who are not being truthful about their personal lives.

“I have noticed just from living in Washington for so long that a lot of the top decision makers are lying about their personal lives, and there’s something, you know, really amiss there,” Carlson said during the show.

Later on in the interview, the Georgia congresswoman went on to make accusations against Johnson of casting votes in support of the military industrial complex, full-term abortion clinics, and the “trans agenda on kids.”

“You can’t help but to question, what do they have on him? Is he being blackmailed? What would make this man do this?” Greene asked the former Fox News host.

It is a bit weird to see Johnson shift his policy positions around, especially while also claiming to be a Christian. Many of the issues he’s flipping on would be contrary to his belief system as a follower of Christ. Hopefully, we’ll learn the truth about what’s going on behind the curtain.

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