Pelosi, AOC Hit With Ethics Complaint — Accused Of Abusing Official Government Resources

(Congress Report) – An organization that is dedicated to keeping an eye on the activities of lawmakers in Congress regarding ethics issues has filed a complaint against 10 Democrats, accusing them of abusing public resources for partisan political purposes. The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust is claiming Democrats have “repeatedly” used official resources for political gain, naming Democratic Reps. Nancy Pelosi of California, Cori Bush of Missouri, Jamaal Bowman of New York, Sean Casten of Illinois, Greg Casar of Texas, Maxwell Alejandro Frost of Florida, Ted Lieu of California, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, and Ritchie Torres of New York, in a press release put out on their website.

According to The Western Journal, “Although Democratic Rep. Ayanna Presley of Massachusetts was not mentioned in the release, exhibits of her allegedly using official resources for political gain were included in the examples filed with the complaint.”

“The law at issue is simple,” the release said, noting that government resources cannot be used for “campaign or political purposes.”

The press release went on to add, “official House photographs and video, government buildings, a Member’s official website and social media accounts, and anything created by government employees” are considered to be off-limits.

“The rules additionally reiterate that campaign social media accounts cannot contain any official content or resources and cannot re-post official social media posts,” the release continued.

FACT also divulged many Democrats are employing the use of official resources and content on their social media profiles through X, formerly known as Twitter, and a few other platforms. The organization included a total of 91 pages of examples to back up their claim.

One of the examples included came from former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who used a House video for a campaign website. That’s a no-no. A second example the group provided showed Omar making use of footage captured by C-SPAN for a post on her Instagram account, while a third revealed Pressley giving a speech on the House floor in a post published on X.

“These violations are rampant and obvious, and clearly the OCE’s failure to act has encouraged continued violations. This failure has also incentivized these Members to use House proceedings for political campaigning rather than doing what is in the best interest of the country,” Kendra Arnold, Executive Director of FACT, explained in the release.

“Likewise, it is also clear why these Members are doing this, it’s for a political advantage and one that is paid for by the taxpayers. The OCE has both the authority and a clear responsibility to ensure each ethics violation is dealt with swiftly. Not doing so both permits clear violations to continue and erodes the public’s trust in the OCE itself,” she stated.

“Currently, numerous Members are using official House resources for political purposes and are doing so both repeatedly and publicly,” the group went on to write in a letter addressed to the Office of Congressional Ethics.

“The law quite clearly forbids this, yet a handful of Members continue to do so. The most obvious violations are Members using official government resources to campaign on their political social media accounts or using official government platforms to campaign,” the letter continued. “The failure to address this egregious practice has permitted these Members to continue committing violations to this day with impunity. Though to some it may seem like a simple thing on the surface, the Members choosing to break this law do it for a reason — it advantages them politically.”

The organization noted that so many Democrats are violating these rules because there’s no punishment when they do.

“Not acting upon obvious violations not only permits them to continue but it erodes the public’s trust,” the complaint remarked.

“In fact, these Members’ campaign social media accounts demonstrate that they consistently use official resources for political purposes and have used numerous different types of taxpayer-funded resources for their political campaigns,” it added.

“For instance, the examples previously provided to the OCE and the attached examples include every type of official resource identified above: use of official House photographs, official House floor and committee proceeding videos, official House work product and press releases, government buildings, and re-posts of official House social media accounts for political purposes,” the letter disclosed.

If we want to thoroughly defeat the Democrats and ensure that conservatives who actually care about freedom are placed into positions of influence and authority, we need to hold the left accountable for all of their corrupt activity, no matter how insignificant it might appear on the surface. We are in an ideological war for the future of the last and best beacon of liberty left standing in the world. In order to preserve our republic, we must fight tooth-and-nail.

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  1. And Why is Pelosi, NOT CHARGED for publicly tearing, a copy of, President Trump’s, State of the Union, address. After all, when this copy was handed over to her, it became, A GOVT. PROPERTY, & in trying to insult Pres. Trump, she publicly tore it away, before the eyes of the Whole World…..
    It was (symbolicaly) spitting, every American, on his/her face….Right?

    Also she being able to amass, this in-ordinate wealth, including through insider trading, is NOT ACCEPTABLE…… What say you?

    As for Ihlan Omar…… Did she marry her brother, so she could bring him into the country?
    IMHO, the illegals coming through the southern border, re SAINTS, compared to this corrupt animal, AN ENEMY OF THE STATE, NOW SITTING in the house?

  2. All of the afore menioned sewer rats walk free of an wrong doing simply because they help the other sewer rats increase their bank account. Pelosi being the most corrupt of any politican in Washington. I watched as she arrogantly ripped President speech. The smallest, most common spit on the faces of every american in the USA. That one act changed my affiliation from democrat to republican. America is the laughing stock of the world because of trash like her and her lush alcoholic rubbing against Obama, as well as our icream pedophile now in the white house. Washington DC is nothing but a cesspool of drunken sex offenders and Pedophiles. No words in the English language filthy enough to describe them nor what I feel should happen to them. May God forgive me the thoughts.!!!!!

  3. Tax payers are sick and tired of the people we HIRE to look out for us, our country and our well being are the WORST offenders. There is not excuse for not REMOVING them from the office and power we gave them. These temp jobs and they have OVERSTAYED their invite!! Citizens want HONEST AND TRUSTWORTHY people looking out for our country! Election time needs to be a time to TAKE BACK AMERICA, from corrupt politicians and criminals!


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