James Biden Faces Capitol Hill Grilling, ‘Did Hunter Smoke Crack At The White House?’

(Congress Report) – A member of the press recently asked James Biden, the brother of President Joe Biden, whether or not Hunter Biden — there’s a whole lot of Bidens in this sentence, right? — ever partook of his favorite drug, crack cocaine, while in the White House as he showed up to provide testimony in the impeachment inquiry made against his brother. I mean, if I were a betting man, I’d say Hunter has more than likely smoked crack in the presidential mansion. You know, since a bag of coke was found in the White House just last year and all. But, I don’t gamble.

“James Biden is Joe Biden’s younger brother. He testified before the House Oversight and Judiciary Committee on Wednesday morning behind closed doors concerning family business dealings involving the president and Hunter Biden. He was previously subpoenaed in November for a deposition before his impeachment inquiry testimony was scheduled by the House,” BizPac Review reported.

“Republicans have focused on James Biden’s business dealings, including loans that Joe Biden made to his brother during a period when he was not in office, and whether the president had any involvement in his brother’s business transactions or used his influence to their benefit. The committees have not provided evidence for their claims,” NBC News said.

Republican members of Congress are taking a deep dive into allegations made against President Biden that he used his various political positions to help benefit overseas business ventures within his family. He, of course, has denied all of this, but what was he going to do? Tell the truth? A Democrat? I don’t think so. James and Hunter Biden have worked together on a number of different family business ventures, all of which stink to high heaven of corruption.

“When James Biden entered the O’Neill building to testify before lawmakers, a Laura Loomer correspondent named James R. Downs shouted at him, ‘Did Hunter smoke crack at the White House?’ He also asked if President Biden was mentally competent to be POTUS,” the piece continued.

The reporter did not hear a peep from James Biden as he continued to make his way into the building.

The question was in reference to that little bag of cocaine we talked about earlier, which was discovered in July 2023. It contained less than a gram of the powdery substance and was found by the Secret Service. The investigation into the situation was a complete and total joke, as the Secret Service claimed they could not identify who the drugs belonged to. Many have assumed it belonged to Hunter Biden who has a history of drug abuse.

“James Biden’s interview comes a week before the president’s son Hunter Biden is set to appear for his own transcribed interview Feb. 28. Hunter Biden’s interview comes after a monthslong dispute between Republicans and the president’s son over the logistics of his testimony to Congress,” NBC News stated.

NBC took an opportunity to ask the brother of Joe Biden what he would be telling the committee during his testimony. Predictably, he remarked, “The truth.”

“The interview of the president’s brother comes a day after prosecutors said a former FBI informant was charged with providing false information about the president and Hunter Biden during the 2020 presidential campaign, including information that he claimed came from ‘officials associated with Russian intelligence,’ according to a filing from prosecutors on Tuesday,” NBC News further divulged.

“Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., subpoenaed James and Hunter Biden in November. The committee said it obtained financial records that allegedly show that Biden family members had set up more than 20 shell companies, most of which were created when Joe Biden was vice president, in an effort to cover up payments from foreign adversaries. Comer, who has accused the Biden family of engaging in ‘shady business practices,’ has not provided concrete evidence of how the transactions demonstrate wrongdoing or influence peddling by the president,” NBC News disclosed.

“The committee also has focused on a $200,000 loan that the president gave his brother in 2018, which James Biden’s lawyers say was repaid, adding that the president’s brother never involved him in any of his business dealings,” the outlet noted in conclusion.

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  2. Of course he did, why won’t he. knowing the doj, fbi and ss will protect him at all cost. He’s a Crack head for christ sake. I have a Crack head in the family and they been on it for over 25 years now. In and out of rehab, stealing everything not nailed down, even selling their azz for the Crack. But while they get busted for drugs and hunter is protected by everything. He will never see jail time. Good thing no one’s above the law aaaa. Get real … hunters a Crack head living in the white Crack house, of course he smokes that BS in the white crack house. Just who do you think your fooling by saying he’s not. A crach head, is a Crack head, nothing stops that BS unless death steps in first. Get real


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