Trump And Elon Musk Hold Secret Meeting To Discuss Game-Changing Move: Report

(Congress Report) – A new piece from The New York Times has revealed that former President Donald Trump, hot off some major victories in the GOP primary that led to his last bit of competition dropping from the race, recently met with billionaire tech guru and social media mogul Elon Musk. And let me just say, whatever it was they talked about, you can guarantee it will spell disaster for liberals.

“According to the Times, unnamed sources said Trump met with Musk and a few other Republican donors in Palm Beach, Florida, on Sunday. The reason, at least according to the Times, was Trump’s attempts to ‘shore up his finances,'” The Western Journal stated. “While nothing has been confirmed yet concerning whether Musk will put his vast fortune behind Trump in the 2024 election, the fact that they’re even talking is huge.”

“The Times notes that, historically, Musk has donated to both Democratic and Republican candidates, but in recent years, especially since buying Twitter and renaming it X, Musk has leaned increasingly to the right. Musk reinstated Trump’s account on the social media platform in 2022, and offered a new home for Tucker Carlson after he parted ways with Fox News last year,” the report continued.

Musk got involved personally in June when some employees at X attempted to put a limit on the distribution of Daily Wire personality Matt Walsh’s “What Is a Woman?” documentary. He even retweeted it out to his massive following of 175 million people with a caption that read, “every parent should watch this.”

The Times pointed out that the X owner has also slammed President Biden publicly on a number of occasions, especially when it comes to his immigration policies, which are essentially just hot garbage.

“Now, pace the Times, despite the exorbitant amount of unfair litigation against Trump, is not exactly desperate, but the paper is right to note that Biden’s campaign is overall in a much better financial situation than Trump’s, both when it comes to money saved and fundraising opportunities,” the article added.

A report from NBC News released on Feb. 1st disclosed that the former president’s campaign has already spent more money than it raised, while Biden has pretty deep pockets. Given the insanely high fees and judgments he’s having to pay due to the ruling of a New York judge, it wouldn’t be surprising to find out that Musk has supplied, or plans to supply, Trump with a financial boost.

“That said, despite the state of Trump’s finances as compared to Biden’s, even if we just look at the events of the past few days, Trump is already in a strong position to win the Republican nomination, and, according to polls, the presidency. Hence, a potential Trump-Musk alliance in this election cycle would be massive — potentially game-changing, as the final, figurative nail in the coffin of Biden’s somnambulant campaign,” the WJ explained.

Will Musk actually provide financial backing for Trump? It’s anyone’s guess, but regardless, the fact that the two of them met together is a sign of something big to come.

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  1. Musk is exactly the man Trump needs for financial backing & support to minmize the effectiveness of the demented Biden & the Progressive Socialists. Thisis a good omen for 2024.


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