Special Counsel May Press ‘Red Button’ To Disqualify Judge And Get Trump

(Congress Report) – During an interview on Tuesday, Florida State Attorney Dave Aronberg suggested that Special Counsel Jack Smith might be getting desperate enough to start resorting to rather drastic actions by trying to disqualify the judge presiding over the classified documents case of former President Donald Trump. I think it’s obvious to most people with a fully functioning brain that the motivation for the cases brought against Trump are political. This is a “Hail Mary” play by the radical left, attempting to clear the former president from the field so that he won’t be facing off against President Joe Biden in November.

Unfortunately for progressives, none of the cases are really having the impact they were hoping for, minus the civil fraud case against Trump in New York, which resulted in his being slapped with fines in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Leftists will do whatever it takes to destroy the man, his work, and his family.

“Judge Aileen Cannon is presiding over the case against Trump and on Monday ordered the former president and Smith to submit proposed jury instructions, which means the judge is focusing on a trial much earlier than anticipated, according to The Washington Post. The order benefits Trump and Smith will appeal it as well as potentially try to disqualify Cannon, Aronberg asserted on MSNBC’s ‘Jose Diaz-Balart Reports,'” the Daily Caller noted.

“My head is spinning because this is sort of an incomprehensible order by Judge Cannon,” Aronberg went on to say during the interview. “First off, she’s asking for jury instructions on a case that will not be heard before the November election, and so what is the rush?”

“Judges direct juries on how to evaluate evidence shortly ahead of deliberations which indicates that Cannon is focusing on the end of the trial already, according to the Post. Cannon’s Monday order indicates she is giving credence to Trump’s argument that he has the power to determine that certain classified documents are personal to him and his property,” the DC report continued.

“And then she set forth two different hypotheticals for the parties to engage in when it comes to jury instructions, but these jury instructions are really favorable to Donald Trump,” he added. “Essentially, you have two choices, Jack: heads, Donald Trump wins, and tails, you lose. So either way, this is just something that Jack Smith is not going to be able to take. He’s going to have to go to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals … and try and get this whole thing changed unless Judge Cannon will do it herself. And eventually this could lead to Jack Smith pushing the red button to try and get her disqualified for the case. For a lot of people, it’s been a long time coming.”

The judge tossed out Trump’s bid last Thursday to have the case thrown out based on phrases contained in the charges that he says are “unconstitutionally vague,” which included the use of terms such as “unauthorized possession,” “relating to the national defense” and “entitled to receive.”

“Cannon questioned during the Thursday hearing why Trump was the only president charged for his handling of classified materials, according to multiple reports. Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report found evidence that President Joe Biden willfully kept classified documents,” the article concluded.

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  1. My peers that celebrate the judgement against Trump for dishonesty are the very same people who pride themselves in lying to municipal building inspectors about their property to evade property taxes. In their minds, they are “right” and Trump isn’t. They seem fundamentally wired for a two-tiered value system. You can guess their political affiliation.

  2. As the author stated that anyone with any bit of a brain can easily see that all the cases brought against President Trump are totally political warfare. It is very sad that the Left and OBiden have stooped to this LOW level!


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