‘Rigged’: Top State Official Reveals 2020 Presidential Race Was ‘Stolen’

(Congress Report) – West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner’s most important priority is to ensure that elections in his state are kept above board, remaining free of shenanigans from those who would love nothing more than to rig every race in favor of the Democratic Party. However, Warner is also passionate about protecting elections at the national level. He’s now in the middle of his second term and has done a stellar job of clearing out bloated voter rolls, destroying the connections his state had with left-wing voter roll organizations.

He’s done such a good job even his opponents have given him props for being “vigilant” to make West Virginia elections “very secure.” Warner is currently running for governor as a Republican.

According to The Federalist, “Warner, 69, has also crusaded against federal intelligence agencies’ meddling in the controversial 2020 presidential election — an election the conservative unabashedly asserts was ‘stolen by the CIA.’ Such statements have earned him the ire of corporate media outlets, which, as dutiful public-relations agents for the Democrat Party, have dubbed the secretary of state an ‘election denier.'”

“Secretary Warner’s work on election integrity and security has set the example for what is needed right now across this entire country,” Ret. Lt. General Michael Flynn, a war hero and former national security adviser for President Donald Trump, went on to say when endorsing Warner in West Virginia’s 2024 GOP primary race for governor.

One of the things that has made Warner stand out from among others is his brazen and bold calling out of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

“When we have our own federal agencies lying to the American people, that’s the most insidious thing that we can do in elections,” Warner declared in a conversation with officials from both the FBI and CISA during a panel that took place in February for the National Association of Secretaries of State in D.C., as per Eric Geller of Wired.

And while Geller tried with all of his might to defend the federal agency by using the headline, “How a Right-Wing Controversy Could Sabotage US Election Security” its history of both censorship and election interference add credibility to Warner’s concern.

The Federalist then said, “CISA, as The Federalist has extensively reported, was established in 2018 to ostensibly ‘protect ‘critical infrastructure’ and guard against cybersecurity threats.’ It moved into the nefarious business of information management by partnering with Big Tech to silence speech that it deemed to be ‘disinformation,’ ‘misinformation,’ or the Orwellian-sounding ‘malinformation.’ CISA labored behind the scenes to censor those who questioned everything from the administration of the 2020 elections to the government’s iron-fisted handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

“Warner spoke out against the agency and the federal intelligence apparatus in late December during a West Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidates debate. He was, of course, vilified by the usual suspects for asserting the Covid-tainted 2020 election was ‘rigged,'” The Federalist added.

“The election was stolen,” Warner remarked, “and it was stolen by the CIA.”

How much involvement the CIA might have had in rigging the 2020 election is something I cannot say, but I most definitely would not put it past them. In recent decades the corrupt actions of the CIA have been exposed in ways we never dreamed possible before. The deep state element has total control over our justice system, so why not the intelligence community too?

“To explain what he meant, Warner cited forming Acting CIA Director Michael Morell’s testimony under oath to the House Judiciary Committee that then-Biden campaign adviser Antony Blinken had ‘reached out’ to Morell after a damning story sourced to Hunter Biden’s laptop broke. Blinken’s outreach, Morell testified, ‘set in motion the events that led to the issuance of’ a letter attempting to discredit the laptop story,” the piece revealed.

“Yes, [Morell] colluded with [now-Secretary of State] Antony Blinken to sell a lie to the American people two weeks before the election for the very purpose of throwing the presidential election,” Warner went on to explain. “And the FBI covers it up. And Mark Zuckerberg pays $400 million to put his thumb on the scales. That’s not fair.”

Morrell spoke with the Judiciary Committee commenting that he pushed the letter, signed by a whopping total of 51 former intelligence agents, to aid then-presidential candidate Joe Biden. The reason for doing so was “because I wanted him to win the election.”

The letter, released shortly before the 2020 election, made the false claim that a New York Post bombshell report exposing the troubling contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop was nothing more than “Russian disinformation.”

“Warner also noted the unprecedented use of Zuckbucks — hundreds of millions of dollars in donations to leftist groups by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg — to infiltrate swing state elections offices in 2020. The West Virginia secretary of state has courageously spoken out against such alarming practices and other forms of election interference,” the Federalist disclosed.

“Folks, this was the worst election interference in the history of the United States, when our own 3-letter agencies lied to the people of America with the expressed intent of throwing a presidential election. It doesn’t get any worse than that,” Warner proclaimed in a press conference last summer on the U.S. Capitol steps.

During his time as secretary of state, Warner has yanked 400,000 names off of the voter rolls in West Virginia, Many of these individuals died, moved away, were convicted of a felony, or showed up numerous times in the rolls.

“Warner said he heard from county clerks about the bloated voter rolls, including four counties where the number of registered voters was greater than the number of eligible voters who lived in those counties,” the article stated.

We need more people like Warner in other states across America, individuals who take voter fraud seriously and will work to ensure that our races are fair and free so every voice can be heard.

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  1. The thing about all these accusations is that apparently not is happening to the guilty parties. There is a whole slew of folks that need to be brought to justice and sternly prosecuted…Hillary, OBiden, most of OBiden’s cabinet, many in the CIA and FBI, Obama and his bunch…just a few to get started.

  2. Tell me something I don’t know. The problem is no one wanted to prove this till now, after it’s to late. The damage is already done and the countrys suffering from it. And now that the elections are coming up again , now ya want to talk about this corruption of the democrats that stold the elections. And yet yall cry the democrats are best. Really, are you really this stupid as to want 4 more years of the same BS. It’s only going to get worse. And if they steal the elections again don’t blame trump for it. He’s the only one standing in their way. And remember yall once again asked for this, and God knows yall going to get it and good cause the far left Communist democrat party doesn’t care about youbthat helped put them in power. Ask and red man and now blacks how that worked out for them by trusting the democrat party. Don’t ya see the open borders where illegals are here raping and murdering your daughters in the streets. Drug are worse, no cops, our city’s still burning and looted, story’s closing, no food, gar prices are up yet. Everything see democrats said they would do was a lie. Yet yall vote for them. Am I that stupid that I can’t rap my head around all this BS , or are yall just that brain dead you follow blindly. Being part of the problem isn’t the answer.


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