JUST IN: Trump Makes Terrifying Announcement Live On Fox News

(Congress Report) – As things intensify between the Middle East and the United States following a drone attack that killed three American troops, former President Donald Trump stated he is absolutely certain we are going to experience some sort of terrorist attack on our soil. He’s got great instincts when it comes to things like this and given the conflict between Israel and Hamas, plus the most recent incident overseas carried out by terrorists who are part of Iranian proxy groups, the chances are higher now for such an attack than they’ve been in a long time.

Trump, coming off two big wins in the GOP primary race, sat down for an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartitomo on her ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ program where he explored a variety of topics including potential vice presidential running mates, the economy, and the threats to our national security that have resulted from the poor leadership of President Joe Biden.

“With some estimates exceeding 10 million illegal alien entries into the country since Biden took over the White House, Bartiromo zeroed in on a reported 1100% increase in military-aged males, many backed by the Chinese Communist Party at a cost of tens of thousands per head, as she asked Trump about China’s influence,” BizPac Review disclosed.

As Trump agreed with Bartiromo he discussed the major risk that is present as hundreds of individuals on the FBI terror watchlist have been apprehended crossing the southern border illegally, which means there could be a massive number of folks on the list who avoided capture and are now inside the U.S.

“And I believe we’re going to have a terrorist attack — 100%. 100%. You know, during my term I had no terrorist attacks,” the president asserted. “You know that, right? I had all sorts of bans on people from certain countries. I had bans all over the place. We had no attack. I had nothing.”

“Having reiterated the need to shut down the border, Trump touched on how Biden’s foreign policy had increasingly endangered American success and safety as he expressed his belief that Iran would have a nuclear weapon within the next 60 days and China had ‘taken advantage of our country,'” the report continued.

“…Obviously, I’m not looking to hurt China. I want to get along with China. I think it’s great. But they’ve really taken advantage of our country and we turned it around. We put big tariffs on steel. I saved the steel companies and now Japan is buying U.S. Steel,” the Republican leader explained. “You know what a name that is? That’s the most important name — 50 years ago, there was no company like U.S. Steel. Now Japan is buying it, I don’t think I’d let that deal go through, by the way.”

During the interview, Trump happened to mention Sen. Tim Scott and Gov. Kristi Noem as potential picks for his vice president, though he revealed he has yet to make a final decision.

The southern border is one of the top threats to national security and the man tasked with keeping our country safe is either asleep at the wheel or allowing illegals to gain entrance into the United States on purpose. If there is a terrorist attack that comes about as the result of a radical getting into the country, any blood that is shed will be on the hands of Joe Biden.

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  1. How can we blame a man with mental problems? Casting blame is useless anyway. I’m looking for solutions to the problem!! I suggest getting Trump back in office!

  2. Well we are being desreoyed ,Us has been sold out and your leadership has done it..Comunist in White House Deptwe can’t pay butgive Billions away..Can;t understand Americans hurting but we come in last.. Why did he open a Border? They have no clue what is in our Country.Our children and school no educationTeacher s have immagrants that don;tspeek english so your children suffer;s. This is not the greatest Country any more. May God helpwe the peopl and keep us safe. Fight for Country

  3. Doesn’t anyone wonder why the democrats really opened the borders. I do and I can pretty much guess as to why they did. It’s not rocket science. Votes and pay offs from out side country that want to take the usa down a peg or two. And the far left Communist democrats are willing to for the money. As we saw already, the democrats are acting out in the worse way, with no sense of stopping all the corruption and lies. And all for the money.


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