Former Biden Official Under Arrest

(Congress Report) – A former Biden administration nuclear official who was booted from his post late in 2022 after he was busted committing multiple luggage thefts at several different airports, was once again taken into custody this week. This dude, who tries his best to look like a lady, and by that I mean he slaps on lipstick and wears dresses, is an absolute disgrace to our country, but it’s not surprising that President Joe Biden picked him to be in his administration. Creeps can smell their own kind, and if there’s one thing the commander-in-chief is good at, it’s sniffing out others like himself.

According to Olivia Land, writer for the New York Post, Samuel Brinton, 35, was recently arrested for charges of Grand Larceny stemming from allegations he stole property from Ronald Reagan National Airport, which the Metropolitan Washington Airports Police revealed they learned about in February of this year.

“Brinton is currently in custody pending charges of Grand Larceny stemming from allegations of stolen property at Ronald Reagan National Airport that the department learned of in Feb. 2023, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police said,” the Post detailed.

“A lawyer for Tanzanian fashion designer Asya Khamsin later told The Post the charges are related to her missing suitcase. Arrest records show that Brinton — who is non-binary and uses they pronouns — was arrested on the 700 block of College Parkway as a fugitive from justice,” Land noted.

“They are being held at the Montgomery County Central Processing Unit on a no-bond status as they await an extradition hearing,” an MCPD spokesperson said about Brinton. Confused by the term “they?” Yeah, that’s because that is the pronoun he identifies as. Just like stated above, this fellow is, for lack of a better term, “special.”

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police are currently heading up the investigation into the allegations against Brinton.

A person who is claiming they are Brinton and Reike’s neighbor came forward to tell the Daily Wire that “four unmarked police showed up” at the residence and escorted Brinton away in handcuffs.

This latest arrest comes a month after Brinton pleaded no contest to charges that he stole a woman’s luggage at Harry Reid International Airport in July of 2022.

“In exchange for the plea deal, Brinton was ordered to pay the woman back and given a 180-day suspended jail sentence. Days later, Brinton agreed to undergo a mental health evaluation as part of an adult diversion program at a hearing stemming from similar charges related to a theft at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in September 2022,” Land divulged in her report.

“Although the MWAA declined to elaborate on the case, Khamsin’s lawyer, Peter Hansen, confirmed to The Post Thursday his client ‘provided information on the clothing that was searched for’ at Brinton’s residence this week,” Land continued.

The designer then shared photos of Brinton sporting her stolen clothing in February.

“I saw the images. Those were my custom designs, which were lost in that bag in 2018,” Khamsin remarked in a comment given to The Post, not long after she posted the photos of Brinton in the brightly-colored frock on Twitter.

Let’s hope this kleptomaniac finally lands in jail where he belongs.

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  1. What a clear and apparent attempt to associate the Biden administration with someone who, sure, has been accused of stealing luggage, and for that, he should be held to account, but that’s not the intent of this story, now. This is to show something much different if we’re all being honest. It would be nice if we could all have tolerance for those who are different than ourselves. This country is a melting pot of many diverse cultures and ways of life. Yet there seems to be a growing swath of people on the right who can’t help themselves but look at things one way…. their way.

    • CBaker, are you crazy? Do you think this is normal, read your Bible. Or do you not believe in God? These people want normal people to stoop to their twisted, immoral, sinful level and agree with everything they believe. GIVE US A BREAK!!!!

  2. That’s right… those who don’t dress like you, look like you, and don’t go to the same church, well, they’re to be vilified, right? Heck, I’d never cross-dress, personally, but live and let live! Try it! And while this guy needs to be held to account for wrongdoing, associating his social behaviors with his past association with the Biden admin is the point this story is attempting to make. People steal luggage or random things and cross-dress every day and it never makes the news but here we are. Acting like children on a playground.

    • Doesn’t he/she get close to the nuclear button(s)? Maybe he/she is four standard deviation off from the mean on issues of nuclear warfare also? Kinda affects other people’s fates quite intensely, no?

  3. CBaker, quit telling people what they have to accept because “you do”. I don’t accept this weirdo, or any man degrading a “real woman” we don’t have to accept the 0000.1% of the population. These people need serious mental health help. To be a thief on top of it all, pathetic. We are entitled to our opinion and feelings, just like you.

  4. We have a fool in the WH who picks

    many jokes for his administration. Will this crap ever end? He probably hasn’t a clue as to who we are talking about. Joe Biden is the one.

  5. You’re all making my point. I suppose I should thank you and the misguided far-right, which apparently only likes to associate with people who look like or think like themselves. Not at all what this country was built on. We have a two-party system that’s been working well for many decades…. that is, until 2016.

  6. CBaker, go pedal your nonsense somewhere else. We are not the least bit interested in what you believe. We will lead you on the straight and narrow whether you agree or not. Our job is to hold people like you in check’. You are the minority, remember that, you are dismissed.


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