Dominion Voting Systems Just Got BAD News

(Congress Report) – There are a lot of mysteries in the universe. What is the meaning of life? Who built the pyramids? Do aliens exist? How does a company that received a settlement worth more than three-quarters of a billion dollars still end up going down the tubes?

Because that’s precisely what’s happening to Dominion Voting Systems, even though they received a massive $787.5 million settlement from Fox News. The announcement about the settlement was put out just mere hours before the defamation lawsuit was set to go to trial, according to information in a recent The Western Journal report.

George C. Upper wrote that despite receiving the massive windfall, Dominion CEO John Poulos recently spoke with TIME saying that all the bad publicity the company has gotten has damaged its reputation beyond repair. Well, cry me a river. Maybe if you created a product that worked and actually attempted to be honest about business practices you wouldn’t be in this mess, Mr. Poulos.

“It basically put us into a death spiral,” he went on to say concerning the alleged defamation. “And by accusing us of the greatest American crime in history, it turned us, as one of our customers has described, as the most demonized brand in the United States.”

“Dominion had been in business since 2002, but only became a well-known brand nationally in the wake of election-stealing allegations following the 2020 presidential election,” Upper noted. “Former President Donald Trump and many in his circle had accused the company of conspiring to throw the election in favor of then-Democratic nominee Joe Biden.”

None of the allegations have 100 percent been proven. Unfortunately, a lot of the claims made lacked evidence to support them, which is the reason why Fox was forced to hand over such a large amount of money to the company.

However, Poulos still says he expects the vast majority — potentially all — of the company’s customers to pass on renewing their current contracts as they expire.

“Earlier this year, Shasta County in northern California ended its contract with Dominion despite not having a replacement vendor lined up,” TIME stated in its piece.

“It’s just easier for our customers to use something that’s not Dominion,” Poulos remarked. “We just know that our business ultimately goes to zero.”

“Eventually, I suspect all of our customers will go a different direction,” the CEO added. “It’s just a matter of time.”

Poulos then told TIME, “Dominion experienced a spike in death threats” after news of the Fox settlement broke, noting that both he and Dominion were taking their commitment to try and keep employees safe very seriously.

“Dominion has another six defamation lawsuits pending, including actions filed against Newsmax and One America News, TIME said. Obviously, however, the company cannot remain solvent forever on the basis of revenue from litigation,” The Western Journal revealed.

Another electronic voting systems company known as Smartmatic, which popped into existence two years before Dominion, also has a defamation lawsuit pending against the right-of-center news network.

“Fox on-air hosts Maria Bartiromo, Lou Dobbs and Jeanine Pirro, and Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell” are also named in the suit, as per information posted on the company’s website.

The website added that Smartmatic was also analyzing claims that were made against them by both Newsmax and OANN and has not ruled out lawsuits against both companies.

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  1. Awe, gee whiz. I feel terrible about this. They won’t be able to let people access the tallies and have the Chinese count the votes for us. Our legitimate President is right….again. only paper ballots, marked only on the ‘day of’ and elections that DO NOT go on for weeks.

  2. They have democrats witnessing that the election was “above board” but we all now know that words out of the mouth of any democrat is not to be believed. Ray Charles could clearly see the illogic and nefarious maneuvering that was conducted during that atrocious fraud called an election.
    Of the republicans that witnessed to the validity of the ‘election” they were without doubt “bought”.
    I will always believe the election machines company was complicit in a massive fraud for nobody in a million years could ever believe that the doofus Biden got more votes than any candidate in American history! Do you believe it?

  3. I agree. Dominion cheated to get Biden elected!!! They cannot sue me.. I have no assets. I hope they all rot in hell!!!

  4. Fox should never have settled. Proving intentional harm would have been difficult. Other networks are stuck fighting their fights.

  5. If Dominion had simply built and marketed a product which did not reflect built-in connectivity to the internet, live during election usage ;
    and if Dominion had also made their product in such a way as to change vote tabulation assignments AFTER they were posted on-screen live during election usage;
    and if Dominion had not marketed a product which brought a self-induced high failure rate of internal functions, ALWAYS FAVORING THE DEMOCRAT PARTY;
    THEN there would not have been the developments which occurred – casting well-deserved question marks ALL OVER the results which the machines “tabulated”.
    There ALSO needed to have been a MANDATORY FREEZE on data contained in the machines; until AFTER ALL FORENSIC INVESTIGATION WAS COMPLETED FOLLOWING THE ELECTION !!! Instead, machines were erased of data; obviously FOR THE PURPOSE OF PREVENTING FORENSIC ANALYSIS of activities in those machines through the election cycle !!!
    The fact of Dominion and Smartmatic equipment and software involvement in recent “elections” in Venezuela and other totalitarian-ruled places; and the outcry of the people who TRUED to vote properly in their own elections but were outraged at the FRAUDS perpetrated upon them IS NOT LOST ON THOSE OF US PAYING ATTENTION TO SUCH EVENTS !!!

    • I do not like the guy, however, if my vote was water down in either direction people should go to prison. Cheating is cheating regardless of party affiliation. Our vote is our last line of defense against a GOVERNMENT that those do not have its citizen’s best interest.
      “God bless this great country”.

  6. Karma, They will go down, not because of what was said and not proven, but by what we know to be true in our hearts

  7. They are still trying to cover up their crime….the voting machines were found to be “accurate”, however the vote tabulation machines has been found to be fraudulent. That’s what swayed the election, and not the voting/balloting machines. Yet Dominion is trying to maintain focus on the voting machines.

  8. The Fox settlement is a sham. They settled to “prove” there was no election fraud. This isn’t the same Fox you watched 20 years ago folks! All the Trillion dollar spending bills the past two years have hundreds of ways to back door a piddly $800 million back to Fox. As long as they behave. If you actually believe that’s a legit deal, lemme guess, you still wear a face diaper in your car.

  9. Shasta county in CA is leading the way. I believe they are going yo vote the old fashion way! That is what we ALL should be doing!

  10. I personally think Fox News settled because they didn’t want the real truth about what happened in the election. There is know way in —— Biden and vice president could have got this you will never make me believe that they had anything to do with this plus all the lefties that created fake ballots

  11. Dominion probably took the settlement route rather than go to trial, because they would have to prove that their software did not do tricks with mathematics and skew the vote.


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