Congressman Drops Bombshell: 200 Undercover FBI Assets At Capitol On Jan. 6

(Congress Report) – A member of Congress investigating the 2021 protest at the U.S. Capitol has stated that estimates now place about 200 undercover assets from the FBI both inside and outside of the building. This is more evidence that seemingly suggests the rioting that day may have been the result of deep state assets planted within the crowd. You simply cannot trust the current administration’s story about what happened. There’s still too much information we do not possess or understand.

“We believe that there were easily 200 FBI undercover assets operating in the crowd, outside the Capitol, embedded into groups that entered the Capitol or provoked entry of the Capitol,” Rep. Clay Higgins, a Louisiana Republican, went on to say, according to a report from The Daily Signal.

“Higgins appeared on the Tucker Carlson Network for an interview that aired Saturday, the third anniversary of the day now commonly known as J6. He’s among the few elected Republicans still questioning the official media narrative about the day’s events,” the report said.

“Given the scope of the operation and the number of doors where entry was allowed or even encouraged—and the number of people that were actually outside the Capitol and that entered—we believe 200 [is a] conservative number,” Higgins commented regarding his estimate.

The revelation seemed to startle Carlson a bit who responded by saying, “It’s shocking what you’re saying and confirms everyone’s worst suspicions about this. It’s clearly true.”

Higgins then revealed that the assets from the FBI were partnered up with law enforcement officials from both the local Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department as well as U.S. Capitol Police. Remember how many conservatives were lambasted for suggesting agents with the bureau were disguised as Trump supporters in the crowd? Well, turns out that was accurate. Higgins affirmed these individuals “were the guys that knew their way around the Capitol.”

How deplorable to think members of government agencies created to protect and uphold the Constitution are working to destroy it. They are working to use their authority and power as a means of fabricating a violent image of those who are opposed to the current president and his agenda. Is this still a free country?

When confronted with questions about the undercover agents, FBI Director Christopher Wray has remained silent, flat out refusing to be transparent and provide answers, going so far as to tell Higgins during a congressional hearing, “You should not read anything into my decision not to share information on confidential human sources.”

“In remarks about the Jan. 6 anniversary, Attorney General Merrick Garland boasted Friday that more than 1,250 individuals have been charged for their involvement, with more than 890 convicted,” The Daily Signal noted.

“Since the Jan. 6 attack, the Justice Department has engaged in what has become one of the largest and most complex and resource-intensive investigations in our history,” Garland remarked. “Our work continues.”

During his very first campaign speech of the new year, President Joe Biden used the anniversary of Jan. 6 to launch an attack on his most threatening political rival.

“It was on that day that we nearly lost America, lost it all,” Biden spouted with more than a touch of melodrama on Friday at a speech delivered in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

“Carlson opened his interview with Higgins by criticizing ‘professional liars’ who have presented a one-sided narrative about what happened on that day. Higgins, who worked in law enforcement before his election to Congress, has led the charge after being frustrated by the official congressional committee that investigated Jan. 6, which was stacked with anti-Trump lawmakers. Ever since Republicans reclaimed control of the House in 2023, members like Higgins have pressed for answers,” The Daily Signal continued.

One of the reasons it’s almost a guarantee that protesters inside the building were largely made up of agents with the FBI is that regular Americans would not likely possess the knowledge necessary to successfully navigate the interior of the building without some sort of guidance.

“There’s no way they can come in some random door that gets opened and then get their way directly to Statuary [Hall] or the House chamber or the Senate chamber. It’s just not possible,” the congressman went on to explain. “The FBI assets that were dressed as Trump supporters that were inside the Capitol were there, I believe, and evidence indicates that they were there to specifically wave in the Trump supporters that had gathered outside the Capitol.”

During the interview with Carlson, Higgins declared that many of the undercover agents gave protesters guidance “directly to the areas where the FBI, the DOJ, and the Deep State actors” would be able to implicate them for both arrest and prosecution.

When Carlson asked Higgins how an operation of this magnitude could have been pulled off, he proclaimed that the blame will not sit with one individual but a group of anti-Trump individuals working closely with the Democratic Party.

Later during the interview, Higgins disclosed that the reason for the operation was not just to trash Trump’s reputation, but that of his supporters as well in order to make the MAGA movement look like extremists.

“Their objective was to destroy the entire MAGA movement,” Higgins divulged, “to forever stain the patriotic fervor that was associated with the America First MAGA movement that had won in 2016 and we believe won again in 2020.”

“I’m following the evidence, and to my horror, it implicates our FBI at the highest level,” Higgins asserted to Carlson. “A conspiracy within our government at the highest level to set the stage for a compromised election cycle in 2020. And then the actions that took place on J4, 5, and 6, and then the criminal investigation, arrest, and prosecution of Americans that they were able to entrap.”

Let’s hope that the investigations being conducted bear some fruit, leading to those responsible for this horror show facing serious consequences for their actions.

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  1. Yeah, if you think the entire episode wasn’t instigated by Pelosi and the Deep State, you better start clearing your mind and take a long and hard look at all the evidence! Our country and our republic are very much at stake! FJB!!!

  2. Overwhelming evidence has been gathered previously and rejected by our courts!!!! I’m praying that our courts are not so corrupt by now that they no longer serve justice for our citizens. We still depend on them to support our laws and Constitution but, can we still trust them? If not, we are truly a ‘lost’ country!!

  3. I had said this from the bey, as the Marxist leftist AKA Democrat/Marxist had plenty of time to plan this attack, and when Polosi told Trump she did not want any National Guardsmen, I knew right then these. Naferious Marxist we’re going to pull a caper! Well they did not let me down as they are predictable and went for the jugular, meaning the throat, by using this opertunity to destyor try to destroy the conservative people and using those that they tricked into going in the capital by making the people (who really did nothing ) as a example as the corrupt agents who were used to trick theses poor people into being treated Worse than our military ever treated any prisoners of war and to me this should not be taken lightly as these corrupt agents are abusing the people the arrested and are hunting the others down as if they led people into the gas chambers at Auschwitz!

  4. Why does this not surprise me? Because I know patriots that support President Trump are pro law, pro law enforcement people. Pelosi has proven time and time again she is an elitist that will do anything to keep their one party BS and they are trying to take down our country. Of course she had nefarious assets in the crowd, she turned down offers for the National Guard, and her daughter and camera crews were there to capture Nancy on video departing. IMO evil doers that despise America and We The People.!! Consequences??


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