BIDEN NIGHTMARE: Ashley’s ‘Showers With My Dad’ Diary Confirmed As Hers

(Congress Report) – President Joe Biden has a well earned reputation for being a creep. We have tons of footage of him getting touchy-feely with women of all ages, including young children. It’s unsettling to see the president sniffing hair and rubbing shoulders of girls who are clearly uncomfortable with his hands-on approach. What makes him seem even more icky is a diary allegedly written by his daughter Ashley Biden, in which the writer claims her dad showered with her.

And as it turns out, that diary is authentic and really does belong to Ashley Biden, something that has now been confirmed to a judge. Pretty disturbing, right? This certainly isn’t a good look for Joe.

Allison Anton of The Western Journal is reporting, “And now, with the diary of his 42-year-old daughter, Ashley Blazer Biden, re-entering the public eye, the geriatric president has become a downright disgusting figure. Ashley Biden’s diary first entered the news cycle during the 2020 presidential campaign, when it leaked after it was obtained through unclear circumstances.”

“Initially, many media outlets claimed (and some still claim) that a conservative news outlet was responsible for stealing the diary, but The Federalist informed readers that, in the words of founder James O’Keefe, ‘Project Veritas gave the diary to law enforcement to ensure it could be returned to its rightful owner. We never published it,'” Anton penned.

For years now, there has been a public debate about whether or not the diary is authentic, with many individuals in the liberal camp doing their best Fred Astaire impression and tap dancing all around the issue in a means to pass it off as a right-wing hoax that was used against the president during the 2020 election.

The National File published a rather lengthy piece, featuring pages taken from the diary along with arguments for the authenticity of it, back when this whole mess started. Up until last month (April 2024) Snopes, a progressive-leaning “fact-checking” site, referred to the connection as “unproven.”

Well, Snopes now refers to it as being “true.”

“In April 2024, Newsweek reported, a Florida woman was convicted of stealing the same diary and attempting to sell it, prompting Biden’s daughter to write a letter to Judge Laura Taylor Swain, in lieu of testifying, asking Swain to sentence the defendant, 41-year-old Aimee Harris, to prison time. Harris was sentenced to a month behind bars,” Anton stated in the article.

“But, by doing so, Biden inadvertently confirmed that the diary was, in fact, genuine. Now, why was her confirming her diary was genuine such big deal? And why was it so controversial in the first place?” she continued.

“Well, for context, Biden wrote in her letter to the judge, obtained by The New York Times, that she wrote the diary after ‘being the victim of a crime in my early twenties,’ and used it as a means of healing, though the exposure of the diary in public ‘re-traumatized’ her and undid ‘the extensive work I have done to move past my trauma,'” the report added.

The part of Ashley Biden’s diary that received the most attention and has been the subject of intense discussion since it’s discovery and release is when she asks herself, “Was I molested, I think so — I can’t remember specifics but I do remember trauma,” before going on to add, “showers with my dad — probably not appropriate.”

Okay, I don’t think we need to say “probably” not appropriate. It’s absolutely not appropriate. No guesswork required.

“Bathing a baby is one thing, but a father showering with a daughter old enough to bathe herself should have garnered much more outrage against the octogenarian in the Oval Office than it has thus far,” Anton noted. “Remember, the media eviscerated Donald Trump over his alleged comments, reported by Newsweek, about the attractiveness of his daughter Ivanka.”

It’s absolutely abominable that the current president may have showered with his daughter, likely against her will. And yet, mainstream media is silent.

Anton added, “This scandal is a Biden nightmare — a moment of publicity that should terrify Joe Biden, even as protected as he is by a hopelessly biased media. It’s one that should absolutely obliterate, not just Biden’s chances in November, but his reputation altogether. Joe Biden, a man who has fondled married women and sniffed little girls’ hair in public, clearly has had issues with appropriate behavior, and his daughter’s diary only confirms it.”

If we were living in a balanced nation, Biden’s political career would not survive this scandal. But, unfortunately, that is indeed not the world we inhabit.

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