BREAKING: White House Confirms Trump Trial Is ‘Related To 2024’ Elections

(Congress Report) – White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre seems to have confirmed the truth about motivation behind the trials of former President Donald Trump, which we already knew from the get-go, admitting it really is all about the 2024 presidential election being held this November. The intellectually challenged Jean-Pierre representing the president accidentally stated what kids today call “the quiet part out loud,” a video clip of the incident was shared via the social media account ‘RNC Research’ on Tuesday.

That’s a pretty big oops. Biden is already doing a good job at shipwrecking his chances of being re-elected this year all by himself, but I guess Jean-Pierre wanted to offer him a helping hand. You would think they’d at least wait until closer to election time to screw up, but perhaps the game plan is to completely blow their chances in advance.

According to The Western Journal, Karine Jean-Pierre was asked by a member of the press to provide a statement on the current criminal “hush money” trial of the former president happening in New York.

“The public has been told Trump is not being tried in an election year as the only threat to the Democratic Party’s stranglehold on the federal government because of political reasons. But when Jean-Pierre was asked to comment on the case, she appeared to reveal that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case against Trump is actually directly related to the November presidential election and entirely political,” the piece said.

“Was it appropriate for Speaker [Mike] Johnson to show up at the trial of the former president today?” a reporter went on to ask Jean-Pierre.

The response she gave to the question was extremely telling and, frankly, a verbal mess.

“Look, so I’m — I can’t speak to, uh, um — don’t wanna comment as obviously this is related to 2024 elections, and I can’t speak to the speaker’s schedule,” she told the reporter.

“Per Jean-Pierre, Trump’s unprecedented criminal trial in a hostile, majority Democratic city is an election issue and not an example of blind justice ensuring that no one is above the law,” the report noted. “She couldn’t comment on the kangaroo court that is seeking to imprison her boss’s chief political rival out of an apparent fear of violating the Hatch Act.”

It is absolutely appalling that the legal system in our country, which was founded on the idea that every single person, regardless of money, status, or any other factor, was to be considered equal under the law, is being used to persecute — and prosecute — the political opposition of our president. We have truly fallen far from our roots as a republic.

“The press secretary is absolutely permitted to discuss current events from the podium, and the trial of Trump v. a weaponized justice system is exactly that — a current event. But someone in Jean-Pierre’s position cannot use politically loaded language — such as labeling Biden’s opponents ‘mega MAGA Republicans,’ which she did in November 2022 — in her official capacity as the face of the White House,” the WJ penned.

The language she employed Nov. 2nd of the same year led to accusations that she was in violation of the Hatch Act, as per NBC News.

“The Hatch Act was written and enacted to prevent people from using government posts to influence voters. Jean-Pierre went on to cite the act later numerous times after the above briefing in an attempt to keep herself out of trouble, NBC News further reported,” the article divulged.

KJP seemed to be well aware on Tuesday that there are things she is allowed and not allowed to speak about while fulfilling her job duties.

“But the revelation that Trump’s ongoing prosecution in New York is an election matter appeared to be a slip,” the article continued. “In a rare moment, Jean-Pierre actually told the country the truth Tuesday, when she admitted the first-ever criminal trial of a U.S. president and a favorite in some polls to be president again in January, is inherently political.”

Obviously, this was a slip and not done on purpose. Too late to take it back now.

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