BUSTED: New York DA Caught On Hidden Camera Outside Trump Hearing Complaining About Constitution

(Congress Report) – Well, it seems that James O’Keefe doesn’t have to be a part of Project Veritas to still hit the streets and obtain some seriously amazing audio and video of the progressives in this country saying and doing things they would rather the rest of the country not know about.

In fact, O’Keefe, according to Mike Landry of The Western Journal, was recently milling around among journalists who were on the scene in New York City on Tuesday for the arraignment of former President Donald Trump, chatting with them about how they feel about him. The answer won’t surprise you a bit.

I think it’s pretty obvious the media hates Trump. And they told O’Keefe as much.

Among the individuals that O’Keefe had an encounter with was Sylvia Wertheimer, an attorney who works in the office of New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg. O’Keefe went on to chat with her concerning Bragg’s choice to indict Trump.

“I was surprised to hear that there’s nothing in the Constitution that prevents anybody who’s even been convicted of a felony for running for president,” the attorney said.

“Maybe we should change that,” O’Keefe stated in response.

“We should change a lot in the Constitution,” Wertheimer added.

“Can we change [the Constitution]?” O’Keefe asked her in a follow-up question.

“No,” Wertheimer replied. “We can’t do anything in this country. Why can’t we get rid of guns? They have AR-15 guns.”

Wertheimer then asserted that the country seems “dysfunctional” and that she just couldn’t wrap her mind around why some individuals actually believe that the former president won the 2020 presidential election. Maybe because he had the most votes of any sitting president in our nation’s history? It could also be due to the piles of evidence that have come out since 2020 that demonstrate there was widespread voter fraud in key battleground states. Just a thought.

“As he entered the gaggle of journalists Tuesday and began conversing with some of them about Trump, what O’Keefe uncovered was not surprising but a buttressing of what conservatives already know,” Landry wrote.

“Whatever reason he [Trump] is in prison is good for me,” Vladimir Lenskiy, a news producer who works for Eurovision Americas, went on to tell the undercover journalist.

“Hopefully he doesn’t get the [nomination],” ABC cameraman Edwin Cartagena commented. “He just goes away,” to which an unidentified off-camera male journalist can be heard in the background saying: “That would be great. I would love to see that on ABC News.”

Cartagena then remarked, “Or he gets the [nomination] and loses again, either one.”

O’Keefe then had an encounter with Benjamin Norman, a photographer who works for the New York Times.

“You think they’re finally going to take this guy down with this?” O’Keefe asked Norman.

“It’s not gonna be enough,” Norman responded. An unidentified journalist could be heard breaking into the conversation: “Whatever it takes, right?” to which Norman said: “Whatever it takes, of course.”

One reporter apparently grew suspicious of O’Keefe’s line of questioning and asked him, “Are you a Trump supporter?”

The investigative journalist replied by saying, “no.” The other man then noted, “Okay. So then I can say I’m with CNN.”

However, it wasn’t long before the jig was up as they say.

“I’ve never seen so many journalists in my life,” he declared to one man on the scene.

“We know — James,” came the reply.

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  1. “I’ve never seen so many journalists in my life,” he declared to one man on the scene.

    Journalists? No, these are rabid dogs

  2. I will never be able to figure out, where this degree of hatred for one man stems from? His only crime really, is that he ripped back the curtains and exposed the rot and corruption of the leftist Progressive DC cesspool. It’s really mind blowing!


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