Bragg’s Prosecution Of Trump Hits Major Roadblock

(Congress Report) – The judge in New York who has been given the task of overseeing the upcoming felony trial of former President Donald Trump might just have a conflict of interest as he has a prior history with the defendant. If this doesn’t prove to the masses that this whole thing is rigged from top to bottom as a political attack designed to take down Trump and prevent him from being able to participate in the 2024 election, I’m not sure what will.

According to a piece written by Richard Moorhead for The Western Journal, Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan has been involved in several prior cases involving the former president. This would seem to be a violation of Trump’s constitutional right to a fair trial, but hey, the left doesn’t give a rip about the Constitution, do they?

Merchan was once tasked with overseeing a subpoena dispute that took place between the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and the Trump Organization, a report put out by The Wall Street Journal divulged.

“That dispute preceded a 2022 trial in which the Trump Organization was convicted of criminal tax fraud, according to CNN. The former president now faces 34 felonies brought about by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg,” Moorhead wrote.

In a recent release concerning the indictment of former President Trump last month, Bragg, who was bankrolled by notorious socialist billionaire George Soros, accused him of “falsifying New York business records in order to conceal damaging information and unlawful activity” both before the 2016 presidential election and after.

Trump has slammed the legal investigations into his company, personal finances, and his conduct while serving as the commander-in-chief as partisan witch hunts led by Democratic Party prosecutors who are acting as political foot soldiers for the radical progressives in the upper echelons looking to have him removed from their path so they can continue to destroy our republic.

“One former Manhattan prosecutor is describing Merchan’s role in the upcoming trial as grossly inappropriate, considering his history in Trump-related legal matters,” Moorhead said.

“There was not a random selection of a judge in this case, and there should have been,” former Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Christopher Brennan went on to say about Merchan’s assignment, as per an article from the Journal.

“He actually should be the last person selected, given the potential conflict,” Brennan added.

Moorhead then stated, “On the contrary, Merchan was selected as the judge in Trump’s felony trial because of his experience in Trump-related legal matters, according to sources familiar with the assignment cited by the Journal. That history with Trump could complicate the judge’s role in the trial — with Trump’s attorneys likely to scrutinize him for potential bias against their client.”

If Trump were to be convicted in the current felony case against him, he could potentially face a sentence of 136 years in prison. He’s already entered a not guilty plea to the charges brought against him by Bragg and has made it clear he is going to mount a rigorous defense right in the middle of his 2024 presidential campaign.

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  1. Once again, the wrong side of the aisle was indicted. Bragg should be publicly executed. And soros, who is WANTED in Europe, should be arrested on those warrants and extradited.

  2. I agree with GymS. Getting real tired of these outsiders and politics playing any part in our legal system. Don’t like bashing but I’m starting to feel all of the democrats are on somebodies payrol besides the people of our country!!

  3. Bragg, you are a low life POS wanna be that will NEVER be. You are nothing but a slave….a Soros slave. Have you kissed your master’s a$$ and licked his boots today?

  4. Bragg’s case is a bunch of nothing sliders which don’t even qualify as nothing burgers. He’s trying to make misdemeanors into felonies based on a crime that Trump hasn’t done yet.

    Yes, it’s THAT stupid.

    It’s like Fat Alvin thinks he’s in the Department of Pre-Crime a la “Minority Report.”

  5. Folks, please do NOT stay silent. NOW is the time to educate people about all the good things DJT has done for America AND Americans !
    Low life people, like Fat Alvin, Soros, Obama (And half of the democratic party) should go away……..for good, if you know what I mean !
    Let’s take back “Our” America !
    Trump, or death. Your only 2 options !

  6. This is just one more RAILROAD attempt by totally corrupt government officials !!!

    There IS but one remedy: public execution of the perpetrator(s) .. which isn’t going to happen as long as our current criminal administration is in charge of our current riminal administration !!!

    Eliminating VOTER FRAUD MACHINE counting in our subsequent elections is the civil remedy … if we last long ebough … and if not, be sure to wear your blood^gore wading boots when all this hits the streets with a lot of noise !!!


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