ANOTHER Biden ‘Cover-Up’… New Online Report Exposes President Biden’s Dark Secret

(Congress Report) – A brand new report coming out of the American Center for Law and Justice has revealed another cover-up made by the Biden administration that might cause folks from coast-to-coast to start losing sleep over the state of our national security. And for a very, very good reason. If you already guessed this has something to do with how unsecure the southern border is, well, give yourself a pat on the back. You earned it.

The ACLJ published a piece back in 2021 that detailed how two terrorists from Yemen, both listed on the FBI Terrorism Watchlist, were taken into custody by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents attempting to sneak across the border into the United States.


You didn’t hear about that? Well, that’s because President Joe Biden and the ilk who work for him silenced reports concerning the arrests, as a means of preventing the American people from seeing what a massive failure their border policies have been. Then again, the purpose of these policies is to allow as many individuals to cross the border illegally as possible so they can get them hooked on “free stuff” paid for by taxpayers so they can screw around with our nation’s demographics and inflate their voter rolls.

“Despite its refusal to call the situation at our southern border with Mexico a crisis, which it clearly is, we may have just caught the Biden Administration in a dangerous cover-up. Two known terrorists were apprehended by our brave Border Patrol agents trying to cross into the U.S. from Mexico, but the press release about it has mysteriously vanished. The ACLJ just took action to expose this latest Biden Border subterfuge,” the ACLJ stated.

The organization then said, “We filed an urgent Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to find out who demanded the cover-up and why, and we’ve finally gotten answers. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sent us a treasure trove of records, and guess what? Our suspicions have been confirmed – Biden officials tried to hide the fact that these dangerous terrorists almost made it into our country.”

And now, the group has the email paper trail that was left behind by those involved in attempting to cover up the truth about Biden’s big failures along the southern border.

The ACLJ has now come up with a brand new campaign that is designed to help shed light on the Biden administration’s attempt to cover up the truth about the border crisis that is posing a serious threat to our national security. They have already provided the timeline and posted the CBP press release that the president had taken down, along with filing FOIA request demanding answers, and records they received from Homeland Security that, despite being heavily redacted, actually reveal, in plain language, how officials within the current administration worked together to have the press release removed and to silence those working for the CBP so they could not talk about the arrests.

“As we told you, one document states that some unknown yet seemingly high-ranking official in the Biden Administration was ‘pretty upset that anyone’s watchlist status was discussed.’ Why? Was the White House worried about hurting the terrorists’ feelings?'” the ACLJ noted.

The individuals working for border patrol who are tasked with preventing illegal aliens from flooding into the country are currently understaffed and do not have the necessary tools and supplies to effectively carry out their mission. Given that their task seems almost unsurmountable, why would you want to hide an obvious victory?

Perhaps it’s because the White House recognizes that the whole situation is their fault. The sheer incompetence, coupled with twisted plans by the progressive movement to win elections at any cost, almost resulted in two dangerous terrorists gaining entrance into the United States, where they could have disappeared into the wind and potentially established sleeper cells to carry out attacks against American citizens.

An even scarier thought is that if these two guys were caught, how many might have already made it across? It only took a total of 19 terrorists to murder over 3,000 people in the 9/11 attacks.

“Meanwhile, since Biden took office, we’ve seen migrants crossing in droves, found migrants abandoned and left to die by soulless traffickers known as coyotes, and even watched as babies were dropped over the wall. And somehow this Administration has continually discredited and ignored the crisis raging at our southern border, as if to say, ‘Nothing to see here,'” the article continued.

The ACLJ concluded by saying, “Except there is plenty to see at the border, and it’s all horrifying. That’s why we’ve created this new campaign to tell you what really happened. And to allow you to see the actual legal documents. This isn’t a conspiracy theory. It’s not conservative paranoia. The records speak for themselves.”

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  1. No that’s what he’s doing to us. He didn’t get his signed, notarized Oath of Office in on April 29th. FACT!! He had to, Fact!! the whole regime had to. Now the only ones in authority are sheriffs or you and me.

  2. Now that JB is dutifully sending the military to the border, we can all rest easy, right?? NO WE CANNOT because he is only sending then there to help the other border agents give away free stuff and point to the migrants…step this way, please! JB made his ‘big announcement” of sending military so his totally stupid voting base would think he is going to do something to STOP migrants. Boy are they gullible voters. All he is doing is window-dressing for being re-elected.

  3. Sorry to say I believe they are building a military on demand that when told will take over our country from within. The scourge of the corrupt OBiden regime must be removed if there is to be any hope for our country. The NGO’s must be shutdown and the funders put in prison. FGS and FAM.

  4. The military is what? Some overindulged, “Oh, you’re a girl, wear this uniform, see the bright colors and the high heels?” wokesters. That ain’t the military I was in. So FJB, I’ll take some men down to the border and handle this like we did in 2020.

  5. Those that are in favor of open borders either are lowlives with no accomplishments that can be threaten or have double locks on thier front door and probably a security system just hoping those coming into the country to do us harm will get us first. OFF COURSE THE MAJORITY ARE GOOD PEOPLE, but then open your doors at night and invite people in. NO? I didn’t think so

  6. The whole corrupt “admin” needs to be grabbed up and executed for treason. They are murdering US ALL in droves, by any and every means possible. No quarter!


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