Undercover Video: Fox News Producer Reveals The Real Reason Why Tucker Was Fired

(Congress Report) – For weeks now, folks have been wondering what the motive was behind Fox News firing its most popular television program host, Tucker Carlson. Speculation has run wild, with the leading theory being that Carlson’s termination had something to do with the settlement the network reached in the lawsuit filed against it by Dominion Voting Systems.

Well, according to OMG News, a new project headed up by James O’Keefe, formerly of Project Veritas, we now know that is 100 percent the reason behind Carlson being canned. An undercover video that was obtained by the organization featured an insider at Fox stating that the dismissal was actually part of the network’s settlement with Dominion.

What’s more, the producer featured in the video went on to reveal that former White House aide to both Joe and Jill Biden is the one who helped facilitate Dominion’s attack on Fox.

The producer in the video is Sean Langille.

The settlement Fox News reached with Dominion in the lawsuit included a whopping $744 million due to statements that were made on the network concerning the company’s operations during the last presidential election in 2020.

“We’re learning that Tucker getting fired was part of that,” Langille commented.

“Yeah, he was ousted,” Langille continued. “He brought up things that cost us a lot of money. That was part of it.”

In other words, Tucker Carlson questioned the official narrative and dared to present information that painted Dominion in a bad light. It brought the idea of election fraud to the surface of the national conversation, which would no doubt, in theory, make it increasingly difficult for progressives to utilize Dominion Voting Systems and their machines to help rig future elections. If that is indeed what they were doing.

Going beyond election topics, Langille then stated that the popular pundit “was going after this whole thing about January 6th … It was an inside job. He went after this guy Ray Epps. He said he was an FBI agent on the inside and basically encouraged it. He was going to go on the air and refute what that guy said on ’60 Minutes.'”

“And the Murdochs were like, not too happy about it. The other thing with Tucker that is interesting, is everyone’s afraid we’re losing so many viewers and money. I’m like well actually, there’s a bunch of advertisers that said we’re not going to advertise that 8 o’clock hour. So now that he’s gone, they’re starting to come back,” he added.

Langille declared something else in the video that’s both interesting and infuriating at the same time. He went on to say that it was “crazy” Fox News was reporting about the coronavirus vaccine, all the while getting tons of money from one of the main manufacturers of the jab, Pfizer.

He then noted that it’s not being reported in the media that Mike LaRosa, who was a former press aide for Jill Biden, is now working for a major PR firm. Guess who their main client was?


It seems there’s some possible White House influence working against Fox News and Tucker Carlson.

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  1. All of this informaion only points to me that our political system. and everything to it related, is broken to no end in sight. Our Constitution is not broken, but our enemies are finding ways to go around it and destroy it.Which is why I suggest we must preserve it in a new Union of Red States, with the necessary amendments to make it bullet proof. I would not try to fix our actual Union. There is no way we can fix a portion of our population that has become indoctrinated against the US of A. Let us not waste more time and branch out to a truly US of A Constitution with loyal US Citizens. And to hell with our enemies. (I’ll bet what I do not have that when we act this way, many of them will ask to rejoin with us. And we will have to do whatever is appropriate to protect our new Union of Citizens).

    • Each state has democrats, independents, republicans, etc. so this would necessarily entail a great moving of individuals from one state to another. It is a bit unwieldy. Also Interstate commerce, the monetary system, individuals traveling from state to state, businesses conducting business, state and federal laws, people who have 2nd residences in a different state, taxation, paying for interstate highways, etc. I don’t think your idea would work.

  2. The election was rigged, dominion helped rig it along with Biden, OBarry and the dem party. Then Biden had to help in the settlement to stop Tucker from bring more truth out…..he was too popular and exposed the truths against dem party. WE ALL KNOW!


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