Tucker’s Explosive Interview With Putin Breaks The Internet — Here’s What Everyone’s Saying

(Congress Report) – After last week’s interview between Tucker Carlson and Russian President Vladimir Putin, you have to believe that Fox News is seething with anger, bitterness, and a very unhealthy dose of jealousy. After all, they decided to appease a liberal corporation that created and built machines that were allegedly used to help ensure the election of Joe Biden to the presidency, by firing Carlson, who was their big audience draw and proverbial cash cow.

Now, he’s more popular than ever, plus Carlson is completely and totally independent so he can do whatever he wants without concern over being silenced and censored. The firing was probably the best thing that could have happened to the man. Unfortunately, it’s also the worst thing that could have happened to Fox. Such is the way of life, right?

The conversation in question, which totaled two-hours in length, was so popular it broke the internet. Tucker Carlson took a major risk by conducting the interview as many here in America consider Putin to be nothing more than a psychopathic thug with a thirst for world domination who wants to annihilate democracy. Several people called Carlson a traitor, stating he was nothing more than a propaganda maker for the supposedly bloodthirsty Putin.

“Less than 24 hours after it was posted on X, the conversation that some predicted would spark a ‘civil war’ in America has racked up more than 82 million views. While many may have tuned in expecting to see a cat-stroking James Bond villain, what they got was an in-depth history lesson from an eloquent leader who appeared sincere in his desire to have a ‘serious conversation,'” BizPac Review noted.

“On any day, it would have been enough to stir up a social media frenzy, but, as fate would have it, Thursday also saw President Joe Biden face off with the media in what many are calling the most disastrous press conference in the history of press conferences,” the article continued. “As Putin effortlessly recalled ‘the establishment of the Russian state in 862,’ President Biden, in an effort to prove he isn’t senile, was forgetting ‘the name of the church where his late son Beau got the rosary he now wears every day’ and confusing Egypt’s leader with the president of Mexico.”

The comparisons between the two world leaders were extremely brutal.

“President Putin just showed the World with Tucker Carlson that he can accurately recount Centuries of History,” influencer Liz Churchill said of the two men. “Joe Biden is an embarrassment.”

“Putin just spent 28+ minutes going through 100s of years of Eastern European history without a single note on him,” stated the popular End Wokeness account. “Biden has no clue what he ate for lunch. Utterly terrifying.”

“Whoever thought having Biden do a press conference after the Putin interview needs to be fired,” another X user wrote. “Putin: ‘Let me give you a half-hour, college-level lecture on Russia’s 900-year political history from memory.’ Biden: ‘The Mexican president should open the border with Gaza.’”

You know what’s really embarrassing for Biden? Tucker Carlson, with this interview, has done more to help pave the way for peace in this awful situation between Russia and Ukraine than our own president. How embarrassing for him. Folks on X were praising Carlson for his contribution.

Real journalism might not be dead after all.

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  1. I’m glad Fox News is choking on their decision to fire Tucker Carlson, serves them right!! Came back to bite them!! 🤣 WAY TO GO Tucker!!! 👏


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