‘That’s A Lie!’ GOP Senator Stops Biden’s Treasury Secretary In Her Tracks

(Congress Report) – Janet Yellen, the Treasury Secretary for the Biden administration, got slapped with a public fact check last Thursday after she was called out smack in the middle of a Senate committee hearing. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing a radical leftist get confronted with the truth during an event that’s public where they cannot rely on scripted responses to bail themselves out of trouble.

A report from C. Douglas Golden with The Western Journal reveals, “According to TheBlaze, Louisiana GOP Sen. Bill Cassidy took Yellen to task over President Joe Biden’s proposed $6.8 trillion budget, noting that the budget proposal does nothing to address potential insolvency issues involving Social Security.”

“And, despite the potential for insolvency issues, Cassidy noted that the president seemed supremely unconcerned about reaching a bipartisan solution considering he’s refused to meet with a group of legislators in the upper chamber — even though Yellen said Biden ‘stands ready to work with Congress,'” he continued.

During questioning at the Senate Finance Committee hearing last week, Cassidy pointed out that “the president keeps saying he does not wish to have cuts in Social Security,” yet he does not seem to understand that when the program goes bust, which is assumed to happen in 9 years time, there will be a large 24 percent cut for individuals who are current recipients.

Yellen remarked that Biden wanted to make Social Security stronger, which prompted Cassidy to discuss his own budget proposal.

“In the $4.5 trillion of taxes the president has proposed, are any of those taxes going to shore up Social Security?” Cassidy asked. “I actually know that answer … of the $4.5 trillion in taxes he has proposed, not a dime is going to shore up Social Security.”

Cassidy then asked a very simple question.

“Why doesn’t the president care?” he asked.

“He cares very deeply,” Yellen replied.

“Then where is his plan?” the senator fired back.

“He stands ready to work with Congress –” Yellen started, before Cassidy then came back with his fact-check.

“That’s a lie!” Cassidy exclaimed.

“Because when a bipartisan group of senators has repeatedly requested to meet with him about Social [Security], so that someone who is a current beneficiary will not see her benefits cut by 24 percent, we have not heard anything on our request,” the senator continued.

The Republican then added that the group had “made multiple requests to meet with the president. Now you can’t comment on that. I realize that, but that is a fact.”

“If you’ve been told to say, ‘He stands ready to meet’ — I will tell you there’s absolutely no evidence because we have not gotten our meeting,” Cassidy carried on.

Committee Chairman Sen. Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat, stated that accusing Yellen of telling whoppers was “over the line,” however, the senator was polite, but continued saying that the statement was untrue.

“These were hardly the only fireworks on Thursday’s hearing, as GOP Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson hammered the administration on its seeming lack of concern regarding the state of Social Security and the amount of money being added to the debt — in addition to the fact she didn’t know basic figures off the top of her head,” Golden wrote.

“Are you concerned, when you take the debt from $32 to $50 trillion, are you concerned who’s going to buy that debt and also at what rate?” Johnson went on to ask Yellen during the hearing. “They’ll expect to be compensated for buying riskier and riskier debt. Are you concerned about that?”

She wasn’t, saying that “if the real net interest cost of the debt remains low relative to GDP and we’re on a sustainable fiscal” it would all work out just fine.

“Well, we’re not on a sustainable path,” Johnson replied to the Treasury Secretary. “Sen. Cassidy was talking about the president’s demagoguery on Social Security, unwillingness to meet to try to save Social Security. If we do nothing and the Social Security trust fund runs out in 2023 to 2025, about the end of the budget period, are you concerned about — are we going to have the financial wherewithal to plus up those promises? I mean, do you think we’re going to, with $50 trillion in debt, a debt succeeding [sic] our GDP, aren’t you concerned about our inability to honor those promises?”

Of course not. And that’s the issue here.

The Biden administration has continually talked and talked about Social Security and how important the program is, but there’s no action being taken. Politicians have a reputation for lying and blowing smoke up people’s…well, you know…and that stereotype is clearly true for a reason. It’s because of folks like Joe Biden and the ilk who work for him.

It’s time to put up or shut up.

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  1. Yelled is a fn stupid, lying , corrupt fool. What is she doing there. Last time there she made a mess of everything. She has no brains and unfit to be in any office.

  2. Ms. Hellen is the same as Biden – someone else behind the scene, pulling her cords. She has zero idea where America is going Financially. Sad for her & the Lues she is Forced to allow to come out of her mouth!

  3. I do not understand how the Biden administration is lying about and stealing the financial security of the Nation and still is allowed to keep foisting these horrific costs on the USA, with the full support of the Majority of the Senate, as well as nearly half of the House, or maybe more, in each case, when you factor in the RINOs. When are we finally going to be represented by a truly patriotic Congress, putting Party allegiance aside, to stand solidly behind the American citizens? What is it going to take to return to a Constitutional Republic? It is so very disappointing and it is tragic for the World at large that these Robbers stand so fully in control of our nation.

    • To return to a constitutional republic, we need term limits on the crooks in congress. The reason joe can get repubs to back things in the senate is a lot of them, on both sides of the aisle, are lining their pockets. At our expense. The whole damn government is a big sham. A money spending machine. Politicians need to be ousted. We need ordinary Americans running this country. I like most of the new faces that have come in on the Republican side, and even some of the dems. Term limits will have to be set to end the corruption. That’ll never happen. And Congress shouldn’t get free healthcare for the rest of their lives, nor any social security payments until this problem is solved.


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