SHOCK CLAIM: Tucker Carlson Targeted By Assassination Plot

(Congress Report) – According to a piece from The Gateway Pundit, a young man has just been arrested in the city of Moscow for purportedly being involved in planning to assassinate conservative journalist Tucker Carlson. Reporter Simon Ateba stated that the individual taken into custody was allegedly paid by Ukrainian intelligence to plant some sort of explosive device in a vehicle being used by Carlson while he was in the city to conduct an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The news was first reported by, and picked up by TGP.

Video released shows a man in his mid-30s, who goes by the name Vasiliev Pyotr Alexeieovich, claiming that he was given orders by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ukraine Ministry of Defense back in November 2023 to plant a bomb under a vehicle being used to transport Tucker Carlson. The vehicle was located in a parking garage at the Four Seasons in Moscow.

So how much was Tucker Carlson’s life worth to Alexeieovich? A measly $4,000, which is what he was going to be paid to plant the explosive device. However, he was arrested during the planning process of the mission. If it’s true that Ukrainian intelligence financed this failed operation, that means the attempted murder of an American journalist was paid for with U.S. tax dollars. Unbelievable. We need to stop sending them money right now. No more. This is unacceptable.

Close to the end of the recorded confession, the man admits that Tucker was indeed his target. He then apologized for his actions. You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t buy the apology. He was going to blow someone up, a man with a family and children, for an amount of money that is absolutely pathetically small.

However, before we get even more heated over this incident, it’s important to note the article has not been verified at the time of this writing. The report said that the man is Russian though he is working for Ukrainian intelligence.

This is definitely something we need to keep our eyes on because it could have a significant impact on how we move forward with our relations to Ukraine, particularly so when concerning aid. Carlson is connected with a lot of die hard conservatives in Congress and if this information is verified, there will be a well deserved uproar.

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  1. Gee. Since a certain president is so beholding to Ukraine and Tucker only speaks the truth which is very embarrassing to that president, I wonder who else is involved

  2. And you want us to believe that a “confession” with Russian intelligence is legitimate and that the Ukraine would risk something like that? Come on! Russia wants to drive a wedge between us and the Ukraine and Tucker has been useful to them. But some of us remember the old USSR that Putin is trying to recreate and know that things would not end with the Ukraine if Russia takes them. I’m glad we have free speech in our country, but we have an awful lot of people who don’t know history and so make inane statements that assume Russia is telling the truth. We need a revamping of our educational system.


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