OUTRAGEOUS: Plane Appears Over Trump Rally Targeting Melania

(Congress Report) – While former President Donald Trump was delivering a campaign speech in Iowa, a plane flew over the event with a banner that tried to troll him and his wife, former first lady Melania Trump. This is really not a smart move. Has the radical left learned nothing from all of the attacks they’ve launched on Trump and his family in the past? He always counterpunches a lot harder than those who attacked him first. And going after his loved ones? Not only is that a low blow, but it’s going to tick him off even more. It’s like kicking a hornet’s nest.

“On Tuesday, Trump held another rally in Waterloo, an Iowa city roughly 110 miles northeast of Des Moines. During the event, multiple reporters on the scene noted at one point that a plane flew overhead carrying behind it a banner with a message aimed at Melania Trump: ‘Melania knows,’” Newsweek remarked in its latest piece.

“It’s not entirely clear what the banner actually meant. However, it appeared to be an act meant to heckle the former president and disrupt his rally. It’s not the first time a plane with a banner in Iowa has targeted the former president using his wife,” BizPac Review stated in its own report.

“While the banner seemed to imply that the former first lady had some special behind-the-scenes knowledge of her husband’s doings, most likely of a darker nature, there is otherwise no concrete indication of what the message was specifically referring to,” Newsweek said.

Back in September, during a campaign rally in Iowa, another plane flew over the venue a few hours before the former president arrived, asking the question, “Where’s Melania?”

It’s not currently known who is behind the targeting of Melania Trump. As of this writing, Trump is enjoying a massive 35 to 40 point lead over his competition for the GOP nomination, with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in second place.

The Lincoln Project theorized that perhaps the banner was referring to Colorado’s Supreme Court ruling:

“Other reactions to the tweet were exactly what you would expect them to be with a number attempting to tie Trump to the late sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Others claimed that Melania Trump doesn’t know why she’s still married to Trump, while others tried to put forth accusations of infidelity. None of that is new and all of it is par for the course for The Lincoln Project and its followers,” BPR declared in its article.

At the end of the day, the left fears Trump. They know if he’s given a second term, he will dismantle the corruption and deep state elements within the Justice Department, stripping the radical left of one of their most important weapons against the American people who might put up some resistance to their forced transformation of the country.

However, Trump is not at all shaken by the attacks on him and his family. He strikes back and keeps fighting them every step of the way, which endears him even more to the American people. The left doesn’t seem to get that the more they attack him, the more popular he becomes.

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  1. That phony state of Co. will pay dearly. Winter skiing vacations are being cancelled in droves. We’ll see how proud they are after paying out millions in damages and when the Supreme Court overturns their commie rulings.

  2. Americans,unless you are totally dependent on relying on business from the State of Colorado, cease doing business with an organization within the State of Colorado. They are violating the Constitution and should pay the penalty for such an action!

  3. My family (of 5) and I had a 6 day ski trip planed to Pitkin Country in the middle of February. We are republicans to the core and once the court decided to take DJT off the ballot, we canceled our reservation at a Ritzy hotel in downtown Aspen. We estimated the trip would cost us around $28,000.00 all included, food, airfare, hotel, lift tickets for 4 mountains, ski instructor, lessons for the kids, rental SUV, shopping etc.
    Now we have decided to go to Jackson Hole WY.

  4. Melania knows her husband didn’t set up 20 shell companies to launder money from foreign countries; or ask Don Jr and Eric to give 10% of their income to her husband. Melania knows her husband didn’t get us into a proxy war in Ukraine. Melania knows her husband would not allow millions to invade our southern border. Melania knows her husband left the White House with 1.2% inflation, stocked shelves, low mortgage rates and low gas prices. Melania knows her husband had the 2020 election stolen by a puppet who does NOT want to make America great. Yes, Melania knows.


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