House GOP Looking To Punish Politicized Prosecutors… Could End Up Losing Their Legal Immunity

(Congress Report) – For many months now, House Republicans have slammed the actions being taken by local left-wing prosecutors who are contributing to the spike in crime seen across the nation by freeing violent felons who should be tossed in the clink, or prosecute those they deem to be political enemies, such as former President Donald Trump. Now, however, GOP members of the House are coming together around a solution that could end up delivering some serious damage to these district attorneys. And it’s way overdue.

Conservative powerhouse and the main voice behind Just the News, John Solomon writes, “Rep Austin Scott (R-Ga.), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, told Just the News that Republicans are considering turning the tables in a debate started by liberals a few years ago when they tried to eliminate the qualified immunity that protected police officers from lawsuits.”

“I think you’re going to have to look at prosecutorial misconduct and whether or not prosecutors in this country should be exempt from liability,” Scott went on to say during an interview Friday evening on the “Just the News, No Noise” television show.

“House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said Thursday that Congress will take some action to punish Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg after he brought charges against Trump after months of downgrading violent felonies against other offenders,” Solomon continues.

“As he routinely frees violent criminals to terrorize the public, he weaponized our sacred system of justice against President Donald Trump,” McCarthy remarked. “The American people will not tolerate this injustice, and the House of Representatives will hold Alvin Bragg and his unprecedented abuse of power to account.”

Scott then made the suggestion that Republicans are, in private, talking about ripping a page right out of the liberal playbook from a few years back when Democrats moved to end qualified immunity from cops after the death of George Floyd.

“These left-wing, liberal prosecutors and George Soros prosecutors want to take away immunity from police officers, yet they want to maintain it for themselves,” he later stated. “I guarantee you if this prosecutor did not have immunity for his actions, he would not have filed this against Donald Trump.”

“So maybe we need to be looking at how a prosecutor who abuses his power the way this Manhattan district attorney has done becomes personally liable and potentially criminally chargeable for their actions. And the state of Georgia has actually created a framework where prosecutors who operate outside of their bounds could be reviewed by their peers and, and potentially removed from office.”

There are already a few of the Soros-backed prosecutors facing discipline, a list that includes St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner, who has received a stern reprimand from the Missouri Supreme Court for misconduct that occurred in a case. She was fired by Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey, though she is currently in the process of contesting that action.

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  1. I would agree. If the DA does not put a criminal in jail for an offense and the person goes out and commits another crime, like murder, then the DA should be held as an accessary after the fact and charged with murder too.

  2. “Soft judges make hardened criminals”.
    Donald Trump is NOT a hardened criminal !
    He’s the best president “We” have had in a LONG time !
    45 will be 47 !

    Most of the liberal prosecutors would be behind bars!
    Their abuse of power because of their scapegoat immunity needs to be ripped right out from under them and they’ll have Bragg to tank!

  4. God bless us in the USA. These radical democrats have to get their share for turning every one who loves our country. Donald Tromp is one of the fantastic presidents we have ever had. God Bless you Donald Tromp.

    With his knowledge he made America succeed in Oil, Gas, and Electric. Now, we have the the horrible leaders in the WhiteHouse.

    2024 will help us back with Donald Trump..

  5. I am happily Trump take back to be president 47th in 2024. DA Bragg is mental problem his lair. DA should be arrested now.

  6. Time to go after George Soros and the corrupt judges, and lawyers who grease the palms of these corrupt judges. They all should be disbarred, and put behind bars.

  7. Alvin Bragg is an absolute disgrace to the legal profession. This is yet another baseless, unwarranted, untrue allegation against one of the greatest Presidents in the history of this country.


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