Democrats Sue To ‘Make Election Theft Virtually Effortless’

(Congress Report) – A pack of three left-wing groups located in Washington state have joined forces with the top-rated Democrat law firm in the country in an attempt to try and get rid of the state’s current requirement for signature verification of ballots. Members of the GOP are already hard at work raising alarm bells over this new effort, revealing that if it should be successful, it would open the door to massive election fraud.

Reporter Peter LaBarbera of WND writes, “Republicans including conservative radio talk-show host Jason Rantz are sounding the alarm that if successful, the legal action could open the door for massive election fraud. The Seattle-based KTTH radio voice wrote Sunday that ‘the result of their lawsuit would make election theft virtually effortless, particularly for illegal immigrants or those taking advantage of the homeless.'”

“The lawsuit brought by El Centro de la Raza, Vet Voice Foundation, Washington Bus and three allegedly disenfranchised Washington voters was filed Nov. 22 by Perkins Coie, the most prominent Democrat law firm in the nation. Perkins Coie represents the Democrat National Committee, the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee and many prominent Democrat politicians and affiliated groups,” LaBarbera says.

The lawsuit is seeking “an order permanently enjoining Washington election officials from using the Signature Matching Procedure for a purpose other than confirming that the return envelope has been signed.” Washington possesses a well-established vote-by-mail system across the entire state.

The Washington Republican Party and RNC Research have now filed a motion to step in against the group of leftists and their lawsuit, stating in a tweet dated Jan. 17, “Today we have filed a motion to intervene & stop this blatant attempt to rig our elections.”

“The signature verification process is literally, I would call it, the only safeguard we have in our elections right now,” Washington State Republican Party chairman Caleb Heimlich went on to say during a chat with Rantz. “When we’re mailing out 4.8 million ballots, and right now you have to sign the outside of the envelope, if that goes away, what is in place to verify the identity of the person sending the ballot back in is the person that intended to vote?”

“Signature verification, mandated by Washington law, is the only mechanism an election office has to ensure that the ballot submitted was completed by the registered voter. But plaintiffs argue that the process is arbitrary, prone to errors, and disenfranchises young voters and minority groups,” Rantz noted.

“When you sign your name to the ballot envelope, you’re not just providing a signature to be verified. You’re also attesting that you’re not breaking the law by casting the ballot and that oath can be used against you in court if you break election laws,” he continued. “The attestation also affirms the voter is a citizen of the United States. To register to vote, you need a driver’s license. But in Washington, illegal immigrants can get a driver’s license without verification of citizenship. Couldn’t this be further abused by taking away a security mechanism?”

A spokesman representing King County Elections had a conversation with Rantz, explaining that getting rid of the signature verification would eliminate the method of comparing the signature on the ballot to the one featured on the voter’s registration record that confirms the individual’s identity. Without being able to compare the two signatures, election officials would have no other choice but to accept the first ballot received under a person’s name.

“What if someone steals one of your ballots?” Rantz then asked.

“With signature verification…we’d be able to look at those ballots, see if either or both signatures match what is on file, and then determine action from there, including potential referral to the prosecuting attorney if it looks like the envelope has been signed by someone other than the voter,” the election spokesperson explained to Rantz during the broadcast.

“Without signature verification, we wouldn’t be able to do that comparison and would accept the first ballot returned for the voter, and reject the second returned. We would no longer have the ability to determine if the second ballot likely came from the voter themselves or another person,” he added.

Later on, the lawsuit breaks down the mission of El Centro de la Raza, one of the plaintiffs, as being “to bring critical consciousness, justice, dignity, and equity to all the peoples of the world.”

This progressive group has earned a certain reputation with its get-out-the-vote efforts.

“Among other ‘El Centro’ lawsuits was a 2013 filing to overturn the voter-approved Charter School Act allowing the creation of public charter schools. The lawsuit claims the ballots of minorities are disproportionately disqualified compared to other voters using the signature-verification requirement,” WND concluded.

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  1. The dems cheat, that’s the only way they can win. If you think about it why would people vote for higher taxes, higher food cost, higher gas and oil you need to heat your homes, more crime, feeling less safe, not knowing if you have a job,your retirement going to crap. Only stupid people would vote for these aholes so they have to cheat to win.


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