WATCH: Pro-Abortion Mob Shows Up For Protest Outside Nancy Pelosi’s House

(Congress Report) – When Democrats first started fighting for abortion rights, they claimed they wanted abortion to be “safe, legal and rare.” How that tune has changed now that the party has been hijacked by radical leftists.

The pro-abortion zealots want nothing less than abortion on demand up to birth and it’s sick.

Since the Supreme Court leak indicating five justices could be writing an opinion to overturn Roe v Wade, leftists have gone into full-blown tantrum mode and are making no apologies for their love of baby murder.

Republicans aren’t the only ones they’re targeting for harassment. A group of infanticide zealots showed up at the home of the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

The activists are demanding that Pelosi roll up her sleeves and do something to stop the potential ruling and accuse the Democratic Party of failing to defend the legal right of women to kill their unborn babies.

The angry leftist protesters carried signs in front of Pelosi’s house on Wednesday calling for “abortion on demand and without apologies.”

Their signs also criticized Texas Democrat Henry Cuellar who has been a target of leftists for refusing to support unlimited abortion.

Lunatics from the radical activist group Ruth Sent Us promoted the protest outside of Pelosi’s home Tuesday on Twitter. The same group has also promoted protests outside the homes of Supreme Court justices.

The unhinged activists outside of Pelosi’s mansion in an ultra-affluent San Francisco neighborhood, called on her to “investigate the corrupt justices” and “save abortion,” according to Fox News.

Meanwhile, those on the right are trying to save babies. What an extreme juxtaposition.

Leftists have shown up at Pelosi’s home before. Just last year they vandalized her house with a pig’s head and fake blood when she was unwilling to ram through a coronavirus stimulus check bill, as KRON-TV reported.

Of course, the pro-abortion crowd is also targeting the private homes of the Supreme Court justices identified in the leak as supportive of overturning Roe v Wade. While this is an abhorrent violation of the judicial branch, liberal lawmakers have not been willing to condemn the political harassment.

As a matter of fact, Pelosi herself called on leftist zealots to put pressure on the Supreme Court by “weighing in” on the leaked ruling draft.

Leftists don’t seem to understand that if the SCOTUS were to overturn Roe v Wade it would not ban abortion or make it illegal but it would put the issue back on a state level and each individual state would have to come up with their own abortion laws, like they did prior to the 1973 ruling.

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