WARNING: Mexican Cartels Will Win Big When Title 42 Ends

(Congress Report) – Who could possibly be more excited about seeing the Trump era immigration policy known as Title 42 expire more than Democrats? How about Mexican drug cartels, most of which could see a rather significant boost in payout once the policy is officially lifted and drug smuggling and human trafficking surge? President Joe Biden’s open borders are setting the stage for an even bigger spike in crime across the United States than the one we are currently witnessing, and that’s just one more thing our country cannot afford.

“The end of Title 42 will add a huge revenue opportunity for the cartels,” retired DEA agent Derek Maltz declared during a chat with Fox News senior national correspondent Rich Edson. “It’s going to increase the deadly supply of fentanyl and this tsunami of these lethal substances that are entering the country daily.”

“They’re just going to take advantage of the volume of distractions to our brave men and women on the front lines, and they’re just going to continue to move high-value targets into America,” Maltz continued. “They’ll move all the cash coming back south into the country. They’ll keep bringing guns into Mexico from the United States.”

“The Biden administration plans to lift Title 42 on Wednesday, ending a border policy enacted under former President Trump that allows for the deportation of the vast majority of migrants amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday temporarily blocked an order that would lift Title 42, as 19 states had asked the high court for an emergency stay that would keep the policy in place,” Fox News noted.

“Republicans have warned for months that ending the policy would only worsen the crisis at the border. The U.S. Border Patrol had a record 230,000 encounters with migrants in October alone, breaking the previous record set in September,” Fox continued. “Former Vice President Mike Pence told America’s Newsroom that when he stood at the border, he could see cartel lookout nests ‘100 yards across the border,’ and that the cartels ‘literally decide who comes in.'”

Cartels have been forced to become more innovative in the techniques they employ to smuggle drugs into the United States, turning to advanced technology such as drones and planes in order to sneak their wares past law enforcement authorities.

“The cartels have a stronghold on these different corridors along the border, and they’ve been operating for years,” Maltz expounded. “They build tunnels that are very sophisticated. They use every means of transportation.”

“They have state-of-the-art compartments in their vehicles, tractor-trailers and produce,” Maltz remarked. “They use rail cars. They use flights. They use ultra flights, planes. They have access to everything at their southern border.”

Fox News reported, “Texas law enforcement said agents expect an increase in fentanyl across the border. The DEA announced Tuesday that it had seized over 379 million doses of fentanyl in 2022, including fake pill prescriptions and 10,000 pounds of powdered fentanyl.”

Once the policy lifts, congressional aides stated that the number of aliens crossing the border could double to an astounding 15,000 a day, which presents Border Patrol agents with more than they can handle.

“What we are facing on the U.S. southern border is more than a crisis it’s a catastrophe, and it’s about to get worse,” Joseph Humire, executive director of the Center for a Secure Free Society, asserted during an interview with Fox News. “Removing Title 42 sends the wrong message and creates perverse incentives for Mexican cartels and their human smuggling facilitators eager to maximize profits.”

“On average, human smuggling operations generate profits as high as $150 million per facilitator, and, according to SOUTHCOM, in 2020, at least 66 were arrested in Latin America,” Humire explained. “That’s almost $10 billion in illicit profits. I myself, saw firsthand how cartels are controlling the border during a fact-finding trip to Matamoros, Mexico in August where a cartel was positioned on the border observing the cross-border traffic and surveilling tourists and migrants as they crossed.”

U.S. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco brought up some concerns over the possible increased rate of smuggling, pointing out that border authorities are currently using “counter-threat teams” to try and curb the smuggling, which is something that is normally used to help handle national security threats.

“We’re using intelligence, we’re using cyber means, we’re using data to map the network and attack it at all points along the supply chain,” Monaco went on to tell the folks over at “CBS Evening News.”

“National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby referred all questions on the topic of Title 42 to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), including concerns over whether DHS had finished preparations for any increase in volume and traffic across the border,” Fox said in the article.

“DHS has done a fair amount of work here in terms of preparing for the expiration of 42, and I really think it’s best and most appropriate for them to speak to that work when and if they can,” Kirby commented during a conversation with Fox News’ White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich.

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  1. It doesn’t make any logical sense this, like it or not the title, INVASION, because VP Harris did visit Central America nation and spoke with their respective governments AGAINST illegal migration.

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