TUCKER CARLSON: Antifa Is The Armed Militia Of The ‘Permanent Democratic Establishment’

(Congress Report) – You know something we haven’t heard about in the media in quite a while? Antifa. Say, whatever happened to those delightful left-wing terrorists that, Joe Biden says are nothing more than an idea? Have they disappeared off the face of the earth? What’s the deal?

If you just kind of rack your brain a little, you’ll probably remember back to the summer of 2020, which, admittedly, is a year a lot of us would like to wipe from our memories, Antifa, along with thugs from Black Lives Matter, dressed like stormtroopers and burned whole city blocks to ash, which not only included businesses, but also churches, police stations, and even courthouses.

Well, according to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Antifa is making a comeback and they are more violent than ever. Carlson penned a piece for the news outlet where he made the case that Antifa is actually the armed militia for the Democratic Party and covered their recent bloody return to the national stage.

“Now, the point of the violence they committed, the extensive violence and the killings they committed, was to defeat Donald Trump – Make the country so chaotic that voters would want a change, and they were effective in doing that. So effective that Kamala Harris herself raised money to bail them out of jail. In the end, Antifa played a pivotal role in our presidential election that year, more so than any other organized bloc of voters. Then, the moment Joe Biden was inaugurated, Antifa seemed to disappear. Nobody asked any questions about where they went, much less about who they were or who was paying them. They’d served their purpose, and then they left,” Carlson wrote.

“So in retrospect, it’s very clear who Antifa was and is. Antifa is the armed instrument of the permanent Democratic establishment in Washington. Their job is to mobilize when politically necessary. Now, this is a new thing in the United States, but political militia are a common feature in third world politics. They were a staple in Haiti. In our country, however, only one party has them, the Democratic Party. They’re the only ones with armed militia in the street,” he continued.

Carlson then explained that Antifa is now back in action and that’s probably a bad thing for President Biden, as these guys have a well earned reputation for helping to get rid of sitting presidents. As if there aren’t already enough things in play that could end up getting Biden booted from his office, either now or when 2024 rolls around.

Carlson then quoted part of a report from a journalist who works for Fox 5, which said, “Police arrested six people in the violent protest that left several buildings damaged and a police car destroyed after it was set on fire. Downtown Atlanta erupted into a scene of chaos Saturday night as a protest took a violent turn. At least three buildings were damaged when rioters threw bricks and rocks, shattering windows. At least two police cars were targeted. One even lit on fire. Atlanta police say within two blocks of the protesters starting their destruction, they disperse the crowd. Six people were arrested. All of them are facing eight charges, including domestic terrorism and arson. Only one is a Georgia resident.”

The Fox News host then revealed the story behind the riot as being related to an individual with they/it pronouns named Tortuguita, a radical environmentalist with Antifa, who thought it would be a good idea to open fire on a state trooper in Georgia. And, as you probably expect, the police then returned fire, killing the person in the process. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

“There’s a real blurring of the lines in the use of the word “violence.” Is property destruction violence? To some people, it certainly is. But, you know, this idea that breaking windows or other acts of property destruction are the same as actual violence against humans is kind of a dangerous and slippery concept. You keep using these words “violent, violent, violent, violent.” and it gives the impression. I mean, the only violence or the only acts of violence against people that I saw were actually police tackling protesters,” David Peisner, a supposed freelance journalist, asserted.

Carlson then pointed out how liberals like Peisner always say the actions of Antifa are not violent because they are being committed against property. In other words, when these psychopaths burn down your house, that’s not an act of violence. Remember that, ladies and gentlemen.

“It’s always the same script. Remember when Ali Velshi stood in front of a burning police station in Minneapolis and told you the protests were, quote, ‘not generally speaking, unruly’ except for, of course, the torched police station right behind us. When CNN told us the protests, the protests, the riots in Kenosha were “fiery but mostly peaceful.” Meanwhile, people were being killed,” Carlson remarked.

‘They’re still saying it, but this time they’re even lazier and more corrupt. That freelance reporter David Peisner you just saw on CNN is not actually a reporter. He’s a professional Antifa apologist. He is a fellow traveler for Antifa. And we’re not just guessing at that. This week, he went on Twitter to raise money for Antifa, including a GoFundMe for Tortuguita, the attempted cop killer with the confusing pronouns. That’s the guy CNN is calling a reporter. Freelance reporter,” he added.

Tucker went on to say during his program, “The question is why this particular brand of dishonesty. Why the same people who warned you about right-wing extremists walking around the Capitol, running cover for domestic terrorism in the city they’re based in? Keep in mind, this is CNN saying this, and it was CNN whose headquarters, it’s world headquarters, CNN Center in Atlanta, was destroyed by Antifa in May of 2020 after Saint George Floyd died. Remember that?”

The Fox News host then ripped into CNN for not necessarily backing Antifa, but for defending the individuals who stand to gain benefits from Antifa, the Democratic Party.

“And in case you doubt the connection, consider Representative Katherine Clarke of Massachusetts, she/her. Katherine Clarke is one of the senior Democrats in the House of Representatives. In fact, she’s the Minority Whip. She’s the one who was so worried about climate change. Remember, she told you that her kids were having nightmares about it? Didn’t stop her from buying [a] $1,000,000 oceanfront home, but whatever,” he declared.

“So Katherine Clarke’s own son, Jared Dowell, was riding along with Antifa in Boston on Saturday night. He was vandalizing a monument on Boston Common when police tried to arrest him. Jared Dowell and other protesters then assaulted the police, causing the specific officer to bleed from the nose and mouth. Oh, that was her son,” Carlson explained during the show.

“So Katherine Clarke was forced to issue a statement about this, of course. By the way, stop talking about her personal life. If you knew what the personal lives of the people who run the Democratic Party are actually like, you would understand their politics much better. So Katherine Clarke issued a statement and refers to her son as her ‘daughter’ – Huh? Of course – and wrote that ‘This is a very difficult time in the cycle of joy and pain in parenting,'” Carlson noted.

“It’s just, you know, part of the cycle where your adult son pretends to be a woman and attacks police officers. It’s totally normal, it’s just part of the cycle of parenting. Yeah. Again, if you knew the details of their personal lives, you would understand their politics. This is the party of weak men and unhappy women,” Tucker commented.

He then observed that, essentially, what you have here is an official endorsement of domestic terrorism from the highest levels within the Democratic Party. He referred to Antifa as their “militia,” also calling them “state-sanctioned shock troops” who are immune from criticism.

“So you go to jail for owning a 10-round magazine, but they get to do whatever they want. Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray, who runs the FBI, are making certain that every last January 6 defendant spends years in jail. Their lives are destroyed, on the no fly list. And yet Antifa terrorists get released almost as soon as they’re arrested,” Carlson said.

Tucker then recounted the story of Francis Carroll, the 22-year-old son of a surgeon in Kennebunkport, Maine in Atlanta. Guess where these folks are from? A key Democratic demographic. We’re not talking about working class people or minorities. We’re talking upscale, rich professionals and their mentally ill children. Carroll grew up in a $2 million mansion. There are pictures floating around with him on his dad’s yacht. Let that image sink in your brain. And yet, a month ago in Atlanta, he was arrested on charges of domestic terrorism in Atlanta.

As per Carlson, he assaulted police officers and terrorized local residents. What a fine, upstanding young man, right?

And is he still in jail right now, paying the penalty for his crimes? Nope. He was basically freed from jail almost right away. Surely the guy learned his lesson and went home, right? Wrong. He went to an Antifa riot.

“This weekend in Atlanta, police say Carroll went out and committed some more domestic terrorism, including arson. So why does this kid, the rich kid, get off when the people who showed up at the Capitol, consistent with their constitutional rights, to complain about what really did seem like fraud in the 2020 election, they went to jail?” Tucker reported.

“Well, have you ever checked the percentage of January 6 defendants who’ve experienced a personal bankruptcy? Much higher than average. These were actual working class people, deeply frustrated, completely out of options and unheard by everyone in Washington. It’s not an excuse for the vandalism some of them committed. But it tells you it’s a very different group of people. They didn’t go to Middlebury or some other liberal arts madrassa. They’re actual working people,” he continued.

“But they’re in jail and the rich kids are out. Is anyone going to ask Merrick Garland to explain that? Is anyone going to ask what Antifa is? Who leads this group? How many more riots do they have to lead before the New York Times gets interested and does a five-part series on what is this? Who are these people? Who pays for this? Where do they stay at night? What’s their background? Give us some news on Antifa. They’re the biggest armed militia in the United States, and we know nothing about them. Why? Because they’re aligned with the Democratic Party,” Tucker stated.

And yet, Carlson noted, the left is trying to convince you the real threat to this country is rural voters who own AR-15s. They want to disarm such individuals and urge Americans to support that endeavor.

“Disarm? Why don’t you go ahead and disband Antifa? Go full RICO on them. Let’s find out who their leaders are. Let’s see them in jail. Then maybe you can tackle street crime and then pay a little bit of attention to the drug cartels that control the southwestern United States. And then maybe at that point, you will convince some people to register their AR-15s, But until you do that, up yours,” Carlson concluded.

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