Trump-Endorsed Ex-NASCAR Driver Clinches Congressional Primary In Landslide Victory

(Congress Report) – Austin Theriault, a former driver for NASCAR, who was backed by former President Donald Trump has won the GOP primary in the race for Maine’s Second Congressional District. One of Trump’s talents is being able to sniff out a winner, whether that’s in politics or in sports, or whatever he puts his mind to. He has great instincts. And those instincts have struck once again with Theriault.

One has to wonder though. Is he good at picking winners, or does he have the Midas touch and by picking someone, turns them to gold, making them a winner? Something to ponder.

As per The Western Journal’s Jack Davis, “Austin Theriault, who is currently a member of the Maine state House, defeated fellow state Rep. Michael Soboleski by a dominating 66.2 percent to 33.8 percent, according to WMTW-TV in Poland Spring, Maine.”

Theriault will now go head-to-head with Democratic Party nominee Rep. Jared Golden in the upcoming election for the congressional seat later this year.

“I deeply appreciate the support and want folks to know: I am running to fight for you,” he commented. “It’s time to start putting people over politics. Too many Mainers have been forgotten and left behind by the political system in DC and the big money on Wall Street.”

“The reality is that Jared Golden and Joe Biden have failed us, and we see the results every day,” Theriault added during the speech. “The 2nd District is falling further and further behind and that’s not acceptable to me. That’s why I got in this race. We need to look at November as a good chance to get Maine’s 2nd District back on its feet.”

The former NASCAR driver then credited the Trump endorsement as the main reason why so many GOP members came out and supported him this week.

“He looked at [the race] and said, ‘I think he’s a good fit for the Second District,’” Theriault explained, a report published by WMTW divulged. “‘He’s somebody that can go to Congress and get stuff done.’”

House Speaker Mike Johnson also gave him his stamp of approval.

One of the top issues on Theriault’s platform is immigration. As we all know by now, President Joe Biden and his administration have essentially adopted an “open border” policy, which has enabled millions of illegals, many of them with long criminal records and proclivities toward acts of violence, to waltz into our country with little to no resistance.

“I know that we live thousands of miles away from the southern border, but it’s a huge issue because of the drugs coming across and the human trafficking,” he explained.

“Soboleski said he would issue a statement on Wednesday when asked if he would congratulate Theriault, according to the Bangor (Maine) Daily News,” Davis wrote in the article.

“We unturned every stone we could,” Soboleski remarked. “Unfortunately, it didn’t go our way, and the voters have decided what they want to do.”

Mark Brewer, a political scientist who works with the University of Maine, spoke with the Associated Press where he referred to the race between Golden-Theriault as one of the top five Houses races in the nation. He noted the district is “incredibly evenly divided” before pointing out that not many of those exist in the U.S. at the moment.

Davis penned in his piece, “According to Theriault’s campaign biography, in 2017 he won the ARCA Racing Series national championship, and that since retiring from driving moved into racing management, ‘mentoring, managing and training new drivers.’ He was elected to Maine’s legislature in 2022.”

“As a legislator, Theriault sought to impeach Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows after Bellows ruled former President Donald Trump could not be on Maine’s presidential ballot, citing a section of the 14th Amendment. The ruling was later set aside,” the report said.

“I voted to impeach Shenna Bellows because she has proven that she can’t do her job fairly. Secretary Bellows unilaterally took the ability to vote away from Mainers. That’s unacceptable, and she should either resign or be removed from office. The people should pick their president — it’s that simple,” he stated on his campaign Facebook page.

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