Top Conservatives Sound Alarm Minutes After Hunter Biden Verdict: ‘Don’t Fall For It’

(Congress Report) – Earlier this week, a jury ruled that President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, was guilty on three felony charges concerning an illegally purchased gun while in deep addiction to illegal substances. This is likely the easiest, slam-dunk case these folks ever prosecuted as the mountain of evidence against Hunter made his guilt obvious to pretty much anyone with a pulse.

However, as Joe Saunders of The Western Journal points out, many conservative candidates and commentators immediately started pumping out warnings to the American people after the verdict was announced, that Hunter Biden still resides under the president’s protection. After all, protecting his son from legal woes means protecting himself as well. And if there’s one person Joe Biden loves with a deep passion, it’s himself.

“Hunter Biden made millions of dollars as an unregistered foreign agent, but the DOJ doesn’t want you focused on that,” Arizona Republican congressional candidate Blake Masters said in response to the verdict.

“So they gave him a smaller firearms charge, just so the Democrats can claim ‘nobody is above the law’ while covering for the Bidens’ corruption,” Masters added.

There exists a huge amount of testimony and evidence brought forward by the many business partners of Hunter Biden who previously worked closely with him on a number of projects that clearly demonstrates his father, serving as vice president at the time, was the actual product being pushed by the younger Biden in a major influence peddling scheme involving foreign business executives from different countries around the world.

“Adversaries of the United States, principally China, funneled millions of dollars to Hunter and his businesses, with a cut going to the “big guy” — unnamed but universally understood to be Joe Biden himself,” Saunders wrote in his report. “It was Hunter’s access to Joe that made him worth a $ 30,000-per-month payment from a Ukraine energy company, and the bag man of a money-laundering operation that included not only shell companies in the names of Biden family members but a demonstrable link to Joe Biden’s own bank account.”

“Hunter Biden is a red herring,” the ‘End Wokeness’ account went on to say about the matter. “The real person of interest in the Ukraine bribery/laundering is the Big Guy. We all know exactly who that is.”

Yeah, we sure do. It’s none other than our current commander-in-chief, Joe Biden.

“Investigating foreign bribery allegations that implicated the man who is now in the Oval Office is considerably different, of course, from the slam-dunk prosecution of Hunter on a charge of lying about his drug use in order to buy a gun,” Saunders article continued.

All of the proof for this case was, quite literally, available for anyone in the world to take a peek at, as most of it has been captured in photos taken from Hunter’s now infamous laptop. And, hilariously, it was in the first son’s very own words, having been written down in his autobiography, “Beautiful Things.”

It’s almost like Hunter was trying to get caught, isn’t it?

“And in the Wilmington, Delaware, courtroom where Hunter was tried, it was on the witness stand as his ex-wife and ex-lovers testified to his rampant drug use around the time of the gun purchase in 2018,” the report noted. “Convicting the president’s son of that was about as hard as convicting him of breathing — as much as Merrick Garland’s Justice Department tried to avoid it.”

However, the same DOJ, which transformed the legal system into a vile weapon of political persecution against former President Donald Trump, has made it clear they have no interest whatsoever in going after potential webs of conspiracy that might bring down their golden boy in the White House.

Charlie Kirk, a political commentator, told Americans via social media, “Hunter Biden guilty. Yawn. The true crimes of the Biden Crime Family remain untouched.”

“This is a fake trial trying to make the Justice system appear ‘balanced,'” he continued. “Don’t fall for it.”

One of the main reasons so many folks in this country are oblivious to the deplorable actions being carried out by the Biden family is due to propagandists within mainstream media. The vast majority of these legacy networks are now in the pocket for the radical left, using their platforms to create narratives that make Biden look good and Trump appear as if he’s a Marvel Studios villain. Therefore, they ignore negative coverage that might hold Joe Biden accountable for his actions.

Combine that with all of the deep state actors that work within the ranks of the Justice Department and it’s likely that many of the illegal actions of the current administration will go uninvestigated.

“But with Hunter’s life history — and most of his anatomy — on full public view thanks to his notorious laptop, even Merrick Garland’s biased prosecutors couldn’t ignore all of his crimes. And after the collapse of a sweetheart plea bargain last year, the gun charges couldn’t go away,” Saunders stated in his piece.

“But the bigger story of Biden corruption is the story Joe Biden and his team can’t allow to get out in the public arena — not with the November election getting closer by the day. So when the Biden Justice Department is protecting Hunter Biden, it’s protecting Joe Biden, too,” he added.

If we want to truly preserve the principles this country was founded on, we need to restore our justice system to the vision of the Founders, and that requires holding all people as equal under the law, regardless of political position or the size of their bank account.

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