Teachers Union Chief Calls For Gun Confiscation

(Congress Report) – Randi Weingarten, teachers union president, spoke out on Tuesday calling for gun confiscation, stating that the United States needs to follow “what other great democracies” have done and ban guns entirely, following the tragic shooting at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee on Monday. First off, we are not a democracy. We’re a republic. I really wish people would get this right. There is a critical distinction between the two. Democracies are essentially mob rule. We don’t want that here. It’s a tyranny of the majority.

Weingarten addressed the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) on Tuesday morning concerning the school shooting that left three adults and three children dead. Keep in mind, the attacker was a female who identified as a male, which seems to be one massive chunk of this whole thing that is being left out of the conversation by radical left-wingers like Weingarten.

After a moment of silence for those who lost their lives in the assault, the president of the teachers union then called for a ban on “assault weapons,” the definition of which is so super vague it could really include any sort of firearm.

“Today, we renew our call for common sense gun safety legislation, including a ban on assault weapons. This is an epidemic,” Weingarten stated during the address, according to Fox News.

“It’s an epidemic that our great nation must solve. And how many lives will be shattered before we have the courage to do what Scotland did, what Australia did, what New Zealand did, what other great democracies do? We must solve this epidemic, and that’s up to us,” She continued.

When these shootings happen, which, unfortunately, is fairly regular these days, Democratic politicians usually point to countries like Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand and their own bans on firearms.

Fox News noted, “Scotland got the U.K. to ban handguns and Australia issued a mandatory gun buyback program in 1996 of semi-automatic rifles and shotguns. Meanwhile, New Zealand enacted a semi-automatic weapons ban days after the 2019 Christchurch shooting that killed 50 people in two mosques.”

You see, the problem here is that when you start tossing around the idea of bans and “mandatory” buybacks, that means you have to enforce a confiscation of guns. Given the Second Amendment right to bear arms comes from God and is deeply ingrained in our culture — as it should be seeing as how the whole point of it is to provide us the right to own the means of protecting life, liberty, and property — who is going to attempt to take guns away from law-abiding citizens? Do these individuals think that people won’t fight back? It’s the very reason they have the guns in the first place.

Weingarten, while making an appearance later on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House,” made the claim that her words had been “doctored” to seem as if she were calling for gun confiscation.

“Frankly, I saw today in my speech when I called on us to do a moment of silence for the Tennessee Christian school to, you know, in a speech that I was giving to public school parents and teachers, but to also renew a call for the assault weapons ban. And then somebody doctored the speech and said I was calling to confiscate guns. So, all day long that’s what I’ve been dealing with,” Weingarten remarked during the segment.

She then insisted, “But the point is, the point they want to make is to widen the despair, widen the anxiety, and not actually solve the problems we need to solve, which is gun violence, learning loss, the sadness that kids have. So what I try to do today in my speech and in the defense of public education was to talk about not just the problems but four things we could actually do to transform education in America.”

In other places during the AFT address, Weingarten did what every good left-winger does in this situation, which is attack GOP politicians such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who she claims is pushing “culture wars” as a means to “undermine public schools.”

“What started as fights over pandemic-era safety measures has morphed into fearmongering: False claims that elementary and secondary schools are teaching critical race theory; disgusting, unfounded claims that teachers are grooming and indoctrinating students; and pronouncements that public schools push a ‘woke’ agenda, even though they can’t or won’t define what they mean. Banning books and bullying vulnerable children. School board meetings descending into screaming matches. This is an organized and dangerous effort to undermine public schools,” Weingarten commented during the speech.

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  1. This woman is ignorant first of all, that we do NOT live in a democracy! The United States of America is a REPUBLIC! And, she obviously has not paid attention to how many times people have been saved by a responsible citizens using a firearm against criminals and /or save others from being harmed. Of course, the brain-trashed people of this country don’t want to admit THAT truth.

    • From 1950 to 1960, there were zero, nada, no school shootings. From 1950 to 1950, there were no gun laws prohibiting teachers, janitors, the principal, food service workers, parents, and any other adult and even some students from bringing their guns to school. For that reason, potential shooters knew they would die seconds after their first shot in anonymity, with no body count, and so did not try.

      No shootings, no gun laws. That’s the way it works. That’s the only way it works.

  2. We should band the teachers. Years ago there was none of this crap. Then the dems wanted God out of schools, and the teachers started teaching all this crap. They don’t teach about God and country, about what makes America great. They teach kids to hate America, they tell kids to hate each other, because of skin color, sex. Different back grounds and they tell the kids to hate this country. The kids don’t even know what bath room to use. The dems are screwing up this once great country. Never trust a dem.

  3. Bad people don’t follow laws that is why they are called outlaws.
    The way to stop the killings is a HEART change that can only
    come through salvation by The HOLY SPIRIT (Gods Holy Spirit).

  4. This woman is a complete moron and she thinks she is relevant. We need to stand firm with our good teachers and rid this country of these radical educators. People need to keep weingartin and soros close at hand because these 2 r responsible for a lot of our problems. If I could I would put soros and his entire family on a slow boat to Hungary.

  5. It is truly amazing how the ignorant left ( liberals) actually rationalize truth. They have these preconceived notions that if guns are eliminated, our country will be at peace. These once drug crazed ( or presently drug crazed) idiots don’t realize that there are more deaths per year from drugs, not guns. The funny thing is, a majority of these drugs have been approved for the USA by these very useful liberal idiot political decisions . I am not saying that gun deaths are not important, but a majority of gun deaths are suicides. In 2021, there were 48,000 gun deaths including suicides vs. 106,699 deaths from drugs. A good majority of these deaths due to fentanyl, brought to us by the Biden administration . So while I am saddened by the school deaths we have seen lately, drugs not guns need too be controlled. While we have a second amendment legalizing the ownership of fire arms, I can’t remember seeing a constitutional amendment right to use drugs.

  6. She better learn how to jump in front of one if you ask me. Really inconsiderate. She sounds like a teacher that would leave her kids in danger. So wrong about it.

  7. ban democrats from schools. they are the ones that are violating all gun laws, not the law abiding public. also, schools are targeted as they are gun free zones, so criminals know they have a shooting gallery with no oone shooting back. no wise by the authorities. if we all were armed, crime would drop greatly. that has been proven over and over. criminals seek easy prey and do. democrats want the first and second amendments cancelled along with the constitution. exactly what hitler, stalin, mao did. ban guns then the defenseless public can be controlled.

  8. Show the uptick of violent crime in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. They won’t though, it doesn’t fit the lefts agenda. I have a suggestion. 1. Fire all the commie teachers and disband the unions. 2. The pledge of allegiance to be made mandatory again. 3.Prayer in school. 4.Parents get their faces out of your iPhone and pay attention to your kids and what they are being taught.

  9. There are things that Congress can do to cut back on people like the Nashville shooter and others like it from acquiring firearms legally as they did. People on psychiatric care, be it meds or constant visits to professionals, should have it on their record that they got a problem. And when they try to buy a firearm, this should show up to prevent them from getting them. With a little work, a person’s driver’s license picture can be copied and run thru the NCIC computer for face recognition. There are so many things that can be done that we are NOT doing to prevent these things. Gun confiscation ain’t one of them.

  10. Ban ideologues from teaching anyone at any level! Time for teacher unions to be investigated for violations of anti-trust laws.

  11. I have an idea: Randy is NOT allowed to call the police when she feels “endangered” After all, they carry guns (gasp!)

  12. Population of Scotland -5.45 million.

    Population of New Zealand -5.12 million.

    Population of the United States of America -331.9 million.

    There the leftists go again…comparing apples to pipe wrenches…

    And I’d bet a dollar this union president sits in a posh office somewhere, not in a classroom.

    And by the way, this latest attack took place in a church school. Guaranteed there are no unionized teachers there…the church couldn’t afford the salaries..


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