Study Finds: ‘Non-Citizens’ Are Registered To Vote, Could Decide Next President

(Congress Report) – A brand new study has revealed that recent data, along with an enhanced version of a stress-tested methodology created from a scholarly journal, shows roughly 10 to 27 percent of adults who are non-citizens in the United States illegally are registered to vote. As I’ve said many times before, there are reasons for the Biden administration doing nothing to stop the massive influx of illegal aliens entering our country. Signing them up to vote is the big one.

According to The Georgia Star News, “The U.S. Census recorded more than 19 million adult non-citizens living in the U.S. during 2022. Given their voter registration rates, this means that about two million to five million of them are illegally registered to vote. These figures are potentially high enough to overturn the will of the American people in major elections, including congressional seats and the presidency.”

Back in 2014, Electoral Studies put out a study conducted by three scholars who were trying to make an estimate for how often illegals — who are prohibited by law to cast a ballot — voted in elections. Here’s what they discovered using information taken from the 2008 presidential and congressional elections.

– “roughly one quarter of non-citizens” in the U.S. “were likely registered to vote;”

– “6.4 percent of non-citizens actually voted;”

– 81.8 percent of them “reported voting for Barack Obama;” and

– illegal votes cast by non-citizens “likely” changed “important election outcomes” in favor of Democrats, “including Electoral College votes” and a “pivotal” U.S. Senate race that enabled Democrats to pass Obamacare.

The voter registration rate was the result of analyzing two critical sources.

The first was a national survey where 14.8 percent of non-citizens confessed they were registered to vote. The other was a database of registered voters that showed what portion of the surveyed non-citizens were registered despite their claims that they were not. Adding these two pieces of data together, the best estimate from the study’s authors was that 25.1 percent of those who are not citizens of this country were illegally registered to vote.

Is it any wonder Biden and his cronies have adopted an “open border” policy? It’s probably the only way he can win, given his grave mishandling of the economy.

“The authors calculated voter turnout with the same datasets, but their methodology yielded a best estimate that 6.4 percent of non-citizens voted in 2008 — lower than the 8.0 percent of non-citizens who stated “I definitely voted” and explicitly named the candidate they voted for. This and other matters led Just Facts to engage in extensive correspondence with the lead author of the study to verify practically every detail of it,” the article noted.

“Just Facts then conducted a comparable study that used the same datasets, a more straightforward methodology, and related studies to constrain assumptions. This found that roughly 27 percent of non-citizens were registered to vote and about 16 percent of them voted in the 2008 national elections,” it continued.

As you can imagine, this kind of information getting out sent the radical left into a panic, leading the Washington Post’s “fact checker,” Glenn Kessler, to make the claim that he discovered “new evidence” — very conveniently I might add — that casts some serious doubt on the results of the Electoral Studies paper.

“Notably, the report was written by the lead author of the Electoral Studies paper, Dr. Jesse Richman, an Associate Professor of Political Science and International Studies at Old Dominion University,” GSN reported. “In an article titled ‘The Truth About Noncitizen Voting in Federal Elections,’ Kessler quotes several figures from Richman’s 2023 report suggesting that about 1 percent of non-citizens are registered to vote. This is drastically below the “best” estimate of 25 percent from Richman’s 2014 paper,” the report added.

Ultimately, Kessler’s piece actually caused Just Facts to uncover the existence of non-citizen voter registration information dated from 2022, thus they were able to update their findings. The new study found that between 10 to 27 percent of non-citizen adults are registered to vote.

“In presidential elections, roughly half of non-citizens who are registered turn out to vote. Given that about 10 percent to 27 percent of them are currently registered, this means about 5 percent to 13 percent of them will illegally vote in the 2024 presidential and congressional elections,” the piece explained.

Republicans in Congress have been attempting to stop illegals from voting by introducing a new 22-page piece of legislation that would “require proof of U.S. citizenship” in order to register to vote in federal elections. The fact we don’t already have that law on the books is quite troubling. Especially with millions of illegal aliens having flooded into the country over the course of Biden’s tenure in office. How many votes for Biden in 2020 were cast illegally? Shenanigans and more shenanigans.

Folks, this is exactly why we need voter ID laws in every state. If you do not have a valid identification card to prove you’re a legal citizen, you should not be allowed to cast a ballot. This is common sense, right? But common sense is not so common these days.

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