LOOK: Tucker Carlson Caught On Camera… He’s Up To Something

(Congress Report) – If you thought that Fox News was going to handle the separation with its most popular host, Tucker Carlson, the man who drew in a whopping three million viewers on a nightly basis with his hard hitting news program in the coveted primetime slot of 8 p.m., with class and dignity, well, you were wrong.

These folks are bitter with the conservative pundit, which is hilarious considering they are the ones who booted him — likely due to the settlement the company made with Dominion Voting Systems — so bitter in fact that workers from the network descended upon Carlson’s Maine recording studio, just as he was getting ready to start a show on Twitter, and completely dismantled it, leaving it in shambles, according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail.

However, while this might be a major setback for Tucker Carlson, it’s certainly not stopping him from getting back to doing what he does best. In fact, the studio, which was converted from being a barn, is going to be completely rebuilt. The former Fox News host finished ripping it down with an ax and is already working alongside a three-man crew to build it back better.

“Fox came in last week and got all their sh*t out of there,” the manager running the rebuilding effort, Patrick Feeney, said in a conversation with the Daily Mail. “They took the set and everything, all the equipment, the chairs, the desk, the fake walls, everything.”

“Carlson, 54, spends his summers in the rural town, 55 miles west of the state capital Augusta, where Fox had built a set in an old barn so he could broadcast the show remotely. He was due to start filming from the satellite studio within a few weeks when he was suddenly fired by the network on April 24,” the Daily Mail continued.

Feeney then stated that the facility no longer has any hardware at all that has been left behind from the Fox News crew.

“We just came to clean it up and get it looking like something again,” Feeney revealed in his interview with the outlet. “There’s no imminent venture. We’re just getting ready in case something does happen.”

“There’s nothing we’re doing other than cleaning the place up, shoring up the walls, making it look good again,” he continued.

Last Thursday, the construction crew was spotted sawing wood in Carlson’s garage, working with electrical wiring, and banging away with hammers in order to help get the place up and running again. The pundit himself reportedly spent a significant portion of his day working with phones and attempting to deal with the mess going on with Fox, while also crafting plans for his latest project.

“Before the Twitter announcement, Carlson’s attorney Bryan Freedman sent an aggressive letter to Fox arguing that the $25 million noncompete provision in his contract is no longer valid, which would in turn allow him to launch a competing show, or media entity,” the report explained.

Tucker announced a few weeks back that he had spoken with Twitter owner Elon Musk and would be starting a show streaming live on the platform that would be similar to the program he hosted for years on Fox News.

“According to The Washington Post, Twitter impresario Elon Musk said Carlson hadn’t signed a deal with the social media platform; although there may be ways to monetize his show, the key intent on Carlson’s part seems to be getting his voice out there,” The Western Journal noted.

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