Liberal Think Tank Sounds The Alarm On Potential ‘Nightmare’ For Biden In 2024

(Congress Report) – One of the country’s leading liberal think tanks, Third Way, is sounding the alarm about a third-party organization and the threat it could potentially pose for the reelection campaign of President Joe Biden going into 2024 by lifting up the GOP nominee, a report published by Politico has revealed. It really doesn’t seem like many on the left have a whole lot of confidence in Biden do they?

“The No Labels, a centrist political organization, is proposing a bipartisan, third-party ticket that could peel away Democratic voters in 2024, making way for former President Donald Trump to regain office, according to a memo obtained by Politico, written by Third Way, a left-of-center think tank. The so-called ‘unity ticket’ will attempt to provide a less-divisive candidate, as No Labels fears that both the Republican and Democratic nominees will be ‘unacceptable,'” Mary Lou Masters writes for the Daily Caller.

“Rather than producing a third-party ticket that would defy the overwhelming odds and win, No Labels is on track to field a spoiler who would re-elect Trump or a Trump-like Republican,” the Third Way memo goes on to say. “No Labels is arguing this is a unique historical moment that gives their ‘unity ticket’ a real shot at winning the White House. But that is an illusion. The data and historical evidence are clear: no third-party candidate would come close to winning.”

No Labels is fully convinced their candidate actually has a chance at achieving victory and serves as an “insurance policy” against what they feel are extremes on either side of the political spectrum for the 2024 election, the memo says. Third Way is insisting that this is not a real possibility at all, stating it will only help contribute to the defeat of Biden’s reelection efforts.

And they are probably right. Third party candidates are notorious for taking away just enough of the vote from the major parties to cause problems, especially in close races.

“If the two presidential nominees in 2024 decide to placate the extreme voices in their respective parties — there will be a once in a generation opening for a centrist candidate to run and win the White House,” No Labels told Politico in a statement.

“No Labels is targeting blue states, and believes their candidate could win in Connecticut, Washington, Minnesota and Delaware, the president’s home state, according to the memo. Third-party voters from the 2016 election went for Biden in 2020, but now will have a more moderate candidate to vote for in 2024, the memo states,” Masters continues in her article.

The third-party organization believes that both Biden and Trump are extreme individuals representing the far side of their respective parties and said their “unity ticket” is designed for a rematch between the pair of candidates. Third Way stated Biden is considered to be a “moderate” candidate. Yeah, I don’t think so. Maybe at one time that might have been somewhat true, but it most definitely is not today. He’s very much carrying out the agenda of hardcore progressives in the Oval Office.

“Definitely people are thinking about how to prevent that nightmare scenario,” a national Democratic strategist that is not in any way affiliated with Third Way went on to say.

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