Law Group: Biden Admin Required Twitter To Censor COVID Data

(Congress Report) – An organization known as the American Freedom Law Center has filed a petition for rehearing and rehearing en banc in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit concerning a lawsuit they have filed against President Joe Biden and social media giant Twitter. The AFLC makes the allegation that Twitter was censoring speech critical of the administration’s COVID vaccination policy on behalf of the administration itself, which is a clear violation of the First Amendment.

The AFLC said, “After Dr. Colleen Huber posted a ‘tweet’ on her Twitter account from a well-known Israeli newspaper reporting on findings of mortality rates relating to the COVID-19 vaccinations used in Israel, Twitter permanently suspended Dr. Huber, a well-respected and licensed naturopathic medical doctor in Arizona, for purportedly violating Twitter’s COVID-19 Policy.”

“As the facts set forth in the complaint demonstrate, Twitter was in reality enforcing the Biden administration’s policy to silence anyone critical of COVID-19 vaccinations. Given the recent publication of the Twitter files outlining the White House-Twitter cozy censorship ‘partnership,’ the fact of an illegal conspiracy between the Biden administration and Twitter for Twitter to censor speech critical of the COVID vaccine policies on behalf of the government should surprise no one,” the group’s article on the subject continued.

The AFLC then stated, “The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, sitting in Twitter’s backyard, dismissed (not surprisingly) the lawsuit by ignoring the compelling evidence of a conspiracy between the Biden administration and Twitter. Contrary to the lower court’s ruling, our lawsuit sets forth material facts, which the court was required to accept as true at this stage of the litigation, clearly demonstrating the existence of the Biden/Twitter conspiracy to censor speech critical of the new and experimental COVID vaccinations (including the speech of Dr. Colleen Huber).”

The group then revealed that they appealed the ruling to the Ninth Circuit. The appeal was then assigned to a panel consisting of three judges, which is fairly normal procedure. The panel was composed of two Ninth Circuit judges who were appointed by former President Barack Obama, along with a district court judge that was appointed by former President Bill Clinton. This hardly seems like a fair and balanced panel, right? You can probably guess how they decided the case.

The AFLC claims the judges on the panel treated the case as if it were a nuisance, offering short, terse opinions that they designated not to be published in the official reports of federal cases. In other words, they were burying the sucker so it would never see the light of day.

“On Monday, March 20, 2023, we filed a petition to have the matter reconsidered by the panel or reheard by the Ninth Circuit “en banc” (i.e., all of the judges of the circuit*) because the panel’s decision not only contradicts Supreme Court and Ninth Circuit precedent, it mishandled a critically important First Amendment case,” the release continued.

The group noted in their petition, “This case presents a constitutional challenge that asks how far may the government go utilizing private actors to censor speech of which the government disapproves. In contemporary times, this question takes on enormous consequences for liberty in general, political freedom in particular, and free speech most particularly. Large social media platforms and their concentration of economic power are relatively new to the law. Their unique ability to control the social and political messaging of public sentiment through hidden algorithms and even outright censorship has become a battleground for those in different and even adversarial political camps.”

The lawsuit is not only trying to address the violations of Dr. Huber’s constitutional liberties by confronting the actions of Twitter and the Biden administration, but of every single person who has been slapped with censorship by Twitter and social media companies who are working in tandem with the government in order to push a specific, pre-approved agenda by silencing the voices of those who are in opposition to official policy.

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  1. I am glad people like Jim Jordan are bringing this to light now, WAY before the next election. The “Demon-rats”, can do anything “They” want, but the Republican’s must go through the long legal way.
    Note to others, Be careful who you vote for in 2024. (Seems even though you vote the “Right” way, “They’ll cheat anyway !)


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