House Judiciary GOP Demands Details Of Biden-Big Tech Censorship Schemes

(Congress Report) – The House Judiciary Committee has officially requested access to documents from the Justice Department that pertain to the government’s role in various social media platforms censoring dissenting opinions. When Republicans were looking likely to take over the House in the midterms last year, the GOP made it clear they would be opening a wide variety of probes and investigations into the shady business being carried out by the radical leftists within the Biden administration.

They are keeping true to their word, and that is super refreshing.

“The Committee on the Judiciary is conducting oversight of the Executive Branch’s efforts to sidestep the First Amendment by coercing and coordinating with private companies, including social media platforms, to suppress free speech and censor content online,” committee chairman Jim Jordan went on to write to Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Brian Boynton in a letter delivered on Wednesday.

“As Congress continues to examine how to best protect Americans’ fundamental freedoms, the documents discovered and produced during the Missouri v. Biden litigation are necessary to assist Congress in understanding the problem and evaluating potential legislative reforms,” Jordan added, as per Just the News. “Accordingly, we ask that you please produce all of the documents that the Department has produced thus far in the Missouri v. Biden litigation.”

“Jordan is seeking the same materials that the DOJ provided to the court in a case led by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry over alleged federal collusion with Big Tech. The Ohio Republican contended that the materials unveiled as part of the Landry suit served to validate claims that the government consciously worked with social media companies to suppress contrary viewpoints,” Ben Whedon wrote for the news publication.

“Congress has an important interest in protecting and advancing fundamental free speech principles, including by examining how the Executive Branch coordinates with or coerces private actors to suppress First Amendment-protected speech,” he purported.

Jordan then gave the Justice Department until Feb. 22 to provide him with the materials he requested. The Ohio Republican has been in the spotlight lately as the GOP launches a slew of investigations that are looking into the Biden administration and some of the president’s private business activities too.

Jordan issued a subpoenas in the early part of February to both Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray.

The Biden administration has been weaponizing federal law enforcement agencies and resources against the president’s political opposition. First, there was the raid on former President Donald Trump’s Florida estate, in what appears to be a politically motivated attack designed to prevent him from running for president in 2024.

After that, the FBI was used to attack a pro-life activist, Mark Houck, who was arrested on his own property in front of his family, for allegedly breaking a federal law that forbids the blocking of the entrance to an abortion facility. He was later acquitted of the charges. You know, because they weren’t true.

This is why these investigations are so critical. Americans deserve to know the truth.

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  1. Weaponization of government agencies has been ongoing for a long time, foisted primarily by the Democrats. This definitely needs to be reigned in. Preferrably the agencies should all be shrunk to manageable sizes with commensrate reductions in power. Additionally, ANYONE should be able to make sure details of how they are tussled by these agencies are brought to full sun light.


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