Historian Describes Biden’s 10-Step Plan For Global Chaos

(Congress Report) – Historian Victor Davis Hanson, a classicist and historian who serves at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, recently published a piece through the Daily Signal that outlines what he refers to as President Joe Biden’s “10-step plan for global chaos” and to be quite frank, it’s terrifying. What makes it so scary is the fact we are seeing it all unfold right before our eyes. This is one of many reasons that conservatives are up in arms over the current administration and the many moves it has made that have damaged America.

In the opening sections of his article, Hanson poses a few questions that we need to be asking and thinking about in order to understand the context of the plan he’s about to explain to us. He asks why French President Emmanuel Macron is getting friendly with China while slamming his oldest ally, the United States? Why is their talk of discarding the U.S. dollar as the global currency? Why are Japan and India not joining with the U.S. in boycotting Russian oil?

Why is the current president of Brazil paying China a visit in order to establish what he calls a “beautiful relationship” with the communist nation? Why is Israel facing attacks from its enemies from practically every direction?

There are many, many other questions he poses that we should be asking, however, Hanson then lays out the 10 ways in which Biden, the babbler-in-chief, and his team have managed to cause such massive chaos on a global scale.

“Biden abruptly pulled all U.S. troops from Afghanistan. He left behind to the Taliban hundreds of Americans and thousands of pro-American Afghans. Biden abandoned billions of dollars in U.S. equipment, the largest air base in central Asia—recently retrofitted at a cost of $300 million—and a $1 billion embassy. Our government called such a debacle a success. The world disagreed and saw only humiliation,” Hanson writes, kicking off the ten steps.

He continues with step two, saying, “The Biden administration allowed a Chinese high-altitude spy balloon to traverse the continental United States, spying on key American military installations. The Chinese were defiant when caught and offered no apologies. In response, the Pentagon and the administration simply lied about the extent that China had surveilled top-secret sites.”

Hanson then talks about a mini summit that took place back in March of 2021 in Anchorage, Alaska, where diplomats from China went off the rails against their very stunned and almost completely silent American counterparts. The Chinese diplomats delivered a scathing lecture to the very weak, timid Biden administration about American toxicity and hypocrisy. This is the Chinese Communist Party, mind you, ripping into us, the land of the free and the home of the brave, for hypocrisy.

The Chinese government has been defiant in answering questions concerning how and why their virology lab gave birth to the COVID virus that has led to the deaths of tens of millions of people worldwide, Hanson pointed out.

“In June 2021, in response to Russian cyberattacks against the United States, Biden meekly asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to at least make off-limits certain critical American infrastructure,” Hanson says in his fourth point.

“When asked what he would do if Russia invaded Ukraine, Biden replied that the reaction would depend on whether the Russians conducted a ‘minor incursion,'” the historian states in the fifth step, going on to say in step six, “Between 2021 and 2022, Biden serially insulted and bragged that he would not meet Mohammed bin Salman, the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia, and one of our oldest and most valuable allies in the Middle East.”

The next step in the plan for global chaos was back in 2021 when the Biden administration made it abundantly clear they were chomping at the bit to offer up some concessions in order to reenter the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, during a time when Iran has come to join both China and Russia in a brand new, and super terrifying partnership.

Hanson’s eighth point notes how almost immediately after being inaugurated as president, the Biden administration started putting serious distance between itself and the nation of Israel, going on to restore financial aid to the Palestinians and then publicly and privately pushed away the current Benjamin Netanyahu run government.

“In serial fashion, Biden stopped all construction on the border wall and opened the border. During the 2019 Democratic presidential primary, Biden made it known that illegal aliens were welcome to enter the United States—some 6-7 million did. He reinstated “catch and release.” And he did nothing about the Mexican cartel importation of fentanyl that has recently killed over 100,000 Americans per year,” the historian says in point nine.

“In the last two years, the Pentagon has embarked on a woke agenda. The Army is short by 15,000 in its annual recruitment quota. The defense budget has not kept up with inflation. One of the greatest intelligence leaks in U.S. history just occurred from the Pentagon,” he finishes off his list.

The Biden administration has been a complete and total disaster. Not just for the American people in the sense of a loss of basic freedoms and rights and a severely damaged economy, but also in the realm of national security. All of the decisions that have been made have united our enemies together, while alienating us from many of our allies, placing us in a rather precarious situation on the geopolitical scale.

We can only hope that things remain as they are without getting worse until someone else who knows what they are doing takes the reins.

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  1. OBiden and his entire administration should all be impeached and hanged by the neck until dead! Treason!

  2. Knows what they are doing? Thia administration is doing exactly as the intend. You couldn’t screw up this much out of ignorance. The results are fully intentional.


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