Heritage Foundation’s Election Fraud Database Tops 1,400 Cases

(Congress Report) – The Heritage Foundation’s Election Fraud Database, according to a report from The Daily Signal, now includes a whopping 1,412 proven incidents of election fraud and the legal center for the publication is currently monitoring a number of other ongoing prosecutions. It’s shocking to see this number, despite the fact most of us were already aware that some crazy stuff was being done in order to provide the left with as many political victories as possible. The 2020 presidential election taught us that, unfortunately, until action is taken to hold those engaging in this sort of cheating accountable, along with fixing laws to ensure election integrity, we’re going to keep seeing this over and over again.

The database put together by the conservative think tank features a sampling of the most recent election fraud cases, which demonstrates there are a lot of vulnerabilities in our election process that need to be repaired with a series of new reforms in order to secure the right that every American citizen has to a free and fair election. Every person’s voice should matter. We the people were guaranteed the right to choose the political direction of our nation through the casting of a ballot. This needs to be preserved if we want to maintain our liberty.

“The database doesn’t list potential fraud discovered by election officials and others that is never investigated or prosecuted, and it obviously cannot list fraud that goes undetected when states with poor security don’t have the tools in place to even realize such fraud is occurring,” the Daily Signal said. “But states—especially now that many state legislative sessions are beginning—should make stopping fraud and ensuring the integrity of their elections a top priority. Here are a few examples of cases that were recently added to the database.”

The article went on to reveal, “We’ve written before on the ballot-trafficking scheme orchestrated by Leslie McCrae Dowless, a political operative who was working on behalf of North Carolina 9th Congressional District candidate Mark Harris, a Republican, in 2018 involving stuffing the ballot box with fraudulent absentee ballots for Harris. State election officials determined that Harris had no knowledge of what Dowless was doing.”

Dowless, who passed away last April, had a reputation for participating in ballot trafficking in Braden County. He would often “assist” specific candidates who hired him as a consultant for their political campaigns, and those candidates or causes that Dowless supported always found a way to pull off a big victory. Convenient, right?

Eventually, the authorities caught on to what was happening after Dowless’ absentee-ballot trafficking shenanigans resulted in such a huge amount of fraud that, for the first time in four decades, a congressional race was overturned and the North Carolina State Board of Elections as forced order a whole new election.

“Dowless instructed his hired fraudsters to mark blank absentee ballots for Harris, complete unfinished absentee ballots, forge signatures on absentee ballots for individuals who were unaware ballots were being cast in their name, and then mail the ballots to election officials,” the report continued. “Officials became suspicious when 61% of the vote-by-mail ballots were cast for the Republican candidate, despite the fact that only 16% of the ballot-by-mail voters were registered Republicans.”

“Ginger Shae Eason, Tonia Gordon, Rebecca Thompson, Kelly Hendrix, James Singleton, Jessica Dowless, and Caitlyn Croom all pleaded guilty to felony charges related to this absentee-ballot fraud scheme. They were all sentenced to probation, ordered to complete community service, and assessed fines and court fees for their involvement in the fraud scheme,” the Daily Signal noted.

However, this was not the only case of absentee-ballot fraud committed by a political activist in the database.

A Democratic Party activist Janet Reed from Evansville, Indiana was busted for sending out illegally pre-marked absentee-ballot applications to voters just ahead of the primary election back in 2020. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Reed also pre-selected the Democratic Party where voters were supposed to choose between either getting a Republican or Democratic primary ballot. She then included instructions with the applications that stated party affiliation “needs no input.”

“Despite receiving several warnings from election officials and even from the Democratic Party to knock it off, Reed kept sending out the pre-marked applications that interfered with the ability of voters to decide which party primary they wanted to vote in,” the article added. “Reed pleaded guilty to a felony charge of unauthorized use of absentee ballots, was sentenced to 18 months of probation, and was ordered to pay restitution of $2,740 and court costs of $925. She was also barred from working on any elections while on probation.”

There have also been instances where convicted felons voted in recent elections. This is just the tip of the iceberg. A few examples of the absolutely insane level of election fraud happening in this country that the left swears up and down is non-existent and nothing more than a conspiracy theory. It’s time to act, folks. It’s time to preserve our election process before it is completely destroyed.

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