GOP Lawmakers Call For Blinken To Resign Or Face Impeachment Over Hunter Biden Laptop Letter

(Congress Report) – A couple of high-ranking GOP lawmakers are sick and tired of Secretary of State Antony Blinken and are now calling on him to resign from his position or face a potential impeachment after testimony was given that indicates he was behind a stunt designed to mislead the American public and attempt to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop story that was published by the New York Post in order to provide help for then-candidate Joe Biden to win the White House in the 2020 presidential election.

Melissa Fine, a writer with BizPac Review wrote, “As American Wire News reported, Mike Morell, an acting CIA director under Barack Obama, delivered in private sworn testimony to the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees in which he told the lawmakers that Blinken, then an advisor on Biden’s campaign, was the official who reached out to him ‘on or before’ Oct. 17, 2020, with a plan to discredit the ‘laptop from hell’ story.”

Fine continued, “In October 2020, just weeks before the presidential election, 51 former intelligence officials signed on to a letter stating the explosive story had all the hallmarks of Russian disinformation. According to Morell, who admitted he wanted to see Biden win the election, Steve Ricchetti, chairman of the Biden campaign, later called him after a presidential debate and thanked him for helping to put together the statement.”

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, who is currently serving as House Judiciary Committee Chairman, along with House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Mike Turner, also a Republican from Ohio, have revealed pieces of Morell’s testimony in a letter that was dated April 20 and addressed to Blinken.

Arizona GOP Rep. Andy Biggs, who is a member of the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees that are currently conducting a probe into the Biden family’s alleged influence peddling side hustle went on to say that Blinken’s actions, which he calls deliberately disingenuous, during the 2020 presidential campaign are an infraction worthy of impeachment.

“This, in my opinion, probably disqualifies him to serve as the Secretary of State,” Biggs noted in an interview with Just the News. “And I know people keep saying, ‘Andy, you want to impeach everybody?’ Well, you know, Tony Blinken probably should be impeached, just like [Homeland Secretary Alejandro] Mayorkas should be impeached.”

“Blinken’s willingness to point the finger at a nuclear superpower and claim they interfered in the election just to give Biden a boost in a debate, Biggs argued, destroyed any credibility he may have had with foreign nations,” Fine penned for BPR.

“Let’s talk about our allies who now don’t trust us at all,” the Arizona congressman explained. “And why would they? They think we’re weak, untrustworthy. How in the world can he remain our spokesperson to the world? … I just don’t see how he can, and he should go. I think he’s irreparably harmed the United States.”

When he was asked if the comments he made were a formal request for Blinken to hand in his resignation, Biggs responded by saying, “Yeah, in fact, I’ll break it on your show. Tony Blinken, you should resign.”

And it’s not just Biggs who thinks Blinken needs to go.

Sen. Ron Johnson, a Republican from Wisconsin, led the investigation into the foreign business deals of Hunter Buden. He also thinks that if Morell’s testimony is proven to be true, Blinken needs to be given the boot.

“If he doesn’t resign, he should be impeached,” Johnson stated during a conversation with the Star News Network. “Again, so many members of the Biden administration have this level of deceit, dishonesty and corruption. This is a lawless administration.”

Former presidential physician Rep. Ronny Jackson, a Texas member of the GOP, also didn’t hold back in his thoughts about Blinken.

“Anthony Blinken is a disgrace,” he posted on Twitter last Friday. “He has now lost ALL credibility. He’s damaged our country irreparably. He needs to RESIGN NOW!!”

So what has the White House said in response to the testimony by Morell? They accused Jordan of making a “highly misleading selective leak.”

Ian Sams, a spokesperson for the White House took to Twitter to respond by pointing to a snippet from what he says is a “fuller transcript” that was released by the House Judiciary Committee and tweeted, “Wow. Fuller transcript newly released by @HouseJudiciary reveals this was a highly misleading selective leak by @Jim_Jordan, @RepMikeTurner and @JudiciaryGOP.”

“This isn’t surprising about @Jim_Jordan,” he added. “He has a long, well-documented history of highly misleading leaks to manipulate media to advance his partisan political goals.”

Most folks weren’t buying what Sams was selling.

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  1. That’s fine. Blinken, then maorkas, then more, but let’s not forget about the young punk hb himself. He can obtain an illegally purchased gun, get you a couple rocks, get tossed out of the service whatever you need.

  2. Talk about “misleading statements”???

    ‘I don’t remember saying that…” is just a crafty way of saying “it happened, but if I say ‘I don’t remember,’ that implies that it didn’t happen, even if it did.”

    Wordsmithing of the highest, most nefarious kind.
    And they all do that when they “testify.”

    Watch for it… note how often that kind of “who, me?” statement comes out. Almost as if it were scripted.

    Walks like a duck, etc.


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