Georgia Court Makes Huge Decision In Trump Election Case, Will Impact His 2024 Campaign

(Congress Report) – The election interference case against former President Donald Trump, which is unfolding in the state of Georgia, came crashing to a full-stop Wednesday after a court handed down a ruling that declared efforts currently ongoing to disqualify Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis from the case must be settled before it can continue. This whole mess, the indictments against Trump, the bogus charges, the unfair legal process, the corrupt prosecutors, it’s all a giant circus sideshow. What an embarrassment, a blight on not only our legal system but the entire country, all playing out in public to be seen by nations around the world.

Willis managed to get an indictment against Trump and a group of co-defendants by launching allegations that there was a large racketeering-style operation headed up by the former president that tried to subvert the results of the 2020 presidential election. Clearly, when you look at all of the shady business coming out of that election cycle, it’s the Democrats and Joe Biden who were up to no good, but if you dare say that you’re a conspiracy theorist and thus not credible and also a potential domestic terrorist.

When the left says the same thing against Trump, the narrative is that they’re the heroes trying to protect “democracy” from big, bad conservative fascists.

Jack Davis of The Western Journal said that the case began to hit the skids when details emerged that Willis and her special prosecutor, Nathan Wade, had been engaged in a romantic relationship.

“Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee ruled against Trump’s efforts to disqualify Willis because of the fling, but Trump’s legal team appealed that ruling. On Wednesday, the Georgia Court of Appeals said nothing in the trial should move forward until an appellate panel determines whether Willis should be disqualified, according to The New York Times. A representative for Willis declined to comment, according to Time,” Davis reported.

“The Georgia Court of Appeals has properly stayed all proceedings against President Trump in the trial court pending its decision on our interlocutory appeal, which argues the case should be dismissed and Fulton County DA Willis should be disqualified for her misconduct,” attorney Steve Sadow, who is one of the former president’s legal representatives, went on to say in a statement, as per the New York Post.

A report published by CBS divulged that the stay applies to the former president and eight co-defendants who have been trying to have Willis removed from the case.

“The Times noted that oral arguments in the Willis case have been scheduled for Oct. 4, but the ruling could come months after that, ensuring that the Georgia case will not come to trial before the November election,” Davis wrote in the article, going on to add, “Federal cases against Trump in Florida, where he faces allegations of mishandling classified documents, and Washington, where he faces allegations of election interference, both also appear unlikely to go to trial before the election.”

The report from the Times revealed that Anthony Michael Kreis, a law professor with Georgia State University, stated that a ruling on whether or not Willis should be removed from the case must be reached by March 14th.

“With everything on hold, McAfee cannot proceed with a motion Trump filed saying he should have presidential immunity from the Georgia case. Although the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to rule on the immunity issue this month, because the Georgia case is frozen, McAfee cannot rule on the request until after the Willis issue is decided,” the WJ report disclosed.

“If his ruling on that motion triggers a new round of appeals, Trump may wind up with a procedural reprieve that buys him time until a 2026 trial at this rate,” Kreis explained in conclusion.

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