Game-Changer: Michael Cohen Admits To Stealing Thousands From Trump

(Congress Report) – During testimony given in court on Monday, former President Donald Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, confessed that he committed theft, stealing thousands of dollars from Trump’s company before the 2016 presidential election. And this man is supposed to be the prosecution’s star witness in the alleged “hush money” case against Trump? Really? A man who is not in the slightest bit trustworthy and clearly has an axe to grind against the former president? What a farce.

“Cohen, Bragg’s star witness, had previously claimed he had paid money out of his own pocket to make a claim of an alleged affair between Trump and former adult film actress Stormy Daniels go away,” The Western Journal reported.

“The convicted felon, who has been accused of perjury by House Republicans, admitted on the stand Monday that he stole $30,000 from The Trump Organization,” the piece said. “NBC News reported that while being cross-examined on the stand by current Trump attorney Todd Blanche, Cohen was asked about a $50,000 payout that was supposed to go to a tech firm called Red Finch, which have previously done business with Trump’s company.”

The company was actually owed a total of $50,000, however, Cohen only paid the firm $20,000 to please the owner. So what happened to the other $30,000? He stuck it in his pocket, which he admitted under oath during cross-examination.

Blanche asked Cohen, “You did steal from the Trump Organization, correct?”

“Yes, sir,” the disgraced attorney replied.

He then remarked that while he pocketed 60 percent of the payout, the owner was “placated for the time being.”

“Cohen’s admission of embezzlement from his employer’s company comes amid existing questions about his credibility as Bragg’s star witness. Bragg’s controversial prosecution of Trump is based on a theory that Cohen paid Daniels and Trump later falsified records in order to reimburse him without arousing suspicion,” the report noted.

The former president has been adamant in his denial of wrongdoing in this case and has also stated that he never had a sexual relationship or encounter with Daniels, which she claims happened 20 years ago.

“Bragg is seeking to convict Trump on 34 felony counts of alleged business fraud. In August 2018, Cohen pleaded guilty to felony counts of campaign finance violations and tax evasion,” the article disclosed.

“He was sentenced to spend three years in federal prison but was released early during the COVID pandemic when prisons across the country were lowering their populations to minimize infections,” The Western Journal penned.

With each passing day it becomes clearer and clearer that none of the charges filed against Trump are legitimate. These indictments were acts of desperation by liberals who had nothing else in their arsenal to take down Trump and protect Biden. Let’s hope those involved in this “lawfare” against the former president are revealed for who they truly are.

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