Fox News Host Defends Tenn. Lawmaker Expulsions, Reminds Dems About…

(Congress Report) – There have been a lot of strong opinions floating around about the recent expulsion of two Democratic lawmakers in the state of Tennessee, however, the hosts of “Fox & Friends” believe the move was completely and totally justified, using the events that transpired on Jan. 6 as evidence to support their argument.

According to Sierra Marlee of BizPac Review, “Reps. Justin Jones and Justin J. Pearson were both expelled from the GOP-controlled Tennessee House on Friday following their participation in a gun control rally on the floor. A third member, Rep. Gloria Johnson, was not expelled. Democrats have rallied around the two men, with President Joe Biden even stepping in to declare the move ‘undemocratic’.”

Ainsley Earhardt, one of the program’s co-hosts, opened things up by explaining that the actions of the legislators is what led to the decisions made last Friday (watch here).

“Because these three were leading those protesters onto the balcony in the House chamber last week. Then it carries into this week. And the Republican-led House has said we won’t stand for this,” she commented during the segment.

Will Cain weighed in by taking an opportunity to draw attention to the similarities between what happened during the riot at the Capitol building on Jan. 6, which Democrats are claiming is an unfair comparison. Isn’t that rich? How long have the Democrats referred to that incident as being some sort of “insurrection” and compared it to many other such events throughout history? Of course, it’s “unfair” when the left gets a taste of their own medicine.

“I’m listening to President Biden, and I’m just trying to understand — and I’m going to feign some inability to understand this because I fully get that the use of protecting democracy or accusing something of being undemocratic is just a proxy for I want you to lose,” he went on to explain. “So during January 6th, people condemn-ably rioted and stormed the Capitol and it is described as undemocratic. In Tennessee, people stormed the Capitol, interrupted the democratic process, and used bullhorns. And if you punish them, that’s undemocratic. So it’s undemocratic as long as it is in disfavor with Joe Biden.”

Co-host and bestselling author Brian Kilmeade then gave a mocking rebuke to Cain before he went on to make a larger point of his own.

“Here’s the big difference, it’s okay to storm the Capitol if you are against assault- or if you’re for gun control, it is. Okay. Here’s the difference. It’s a state house as opposed to the Capitol. I get it. Number two is lawmakers were leading this. They weren’t just like, ‘Hey, guys, I agree with you, but get out, get out of my seat get out of the Capitol, you don’t belong here,’” Kilmeade went on to say, going on to point out that the legislators actually took up with the very displeased crowd of protesters.

At the end of the day, the behavior was very, very similar. If you claim to have a set standard of beliefs and moral practices and are accusing others of not living up to that standard, but balk at those same principles being applied to yourself, you might just be a hypocrite. And we all know that leftists have the market cornered on hypocrisy.

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  1. The Democrats want it both ways, their “double standards” and their “Dual Justice System” used for their benefit only, again, for what these three Democrat people did in the Tennessee legislature is no more than most all of the protesters, who were hundreds of thousands more people, did in the US Capital during the Jan6 protests.

    The Jan6 protesters are being sent to prison by the thousands, some not even doing as bad of things as these three Democrat legislatures did, and knew better than to do because they knew they were violating their own legislated rules and laws, but expect the rest of Americans to abide by those same rules and laws, which is the “double standards” that all Democrats persecute others for, and in some cases prosecute the common Americans if they would do these same things.

    These three Democrat legislatures got off very light, but they don’t want to be held accountable in any way for their unlawful actions, because they claim they were violating their own legislated rules and laws for a good reason, meaning it is okay for the ends to justify the means, exactly what our laws, and the laws these legislature also make, are always completely against, not justifying the means by the results of the ends. When the common American people violate our rules and laws, they are held up to retribution for doing so, and that is called enforcing our laws, which the Democrats only do for the laws that they like, refusing to enforce any of the laws that they don’t like, and all the illegal immigrants, that the Democrats are aiding and abetting to come into the USA illegally, is a simple and prime example of the Democrats refusing to enforce our laws that they don’t like.

  2. What reps Jones and Pearson did that day is exactly what progressive Marxist are doing all over America, in college classrooms, on city streets and liberal TV shows everyday. To them it is regular moves from the Marxist playbook. They pretend their actions are justifiable and they know they are out of Line but THEY PUSH and Push to see what they can get away with.
    These leftists KNOW 100% that gun control as they demand it will always fail. They know their side of the debate is a loser, so how do they react?? It’s called Cancel Culture- it’s called Shout Down- it’s called boycott- it’s called civil disobedience.. This is what leftists do. They know their argument isn’t logical so they SHOUT DOWN opposing debate.
    Well BOO Hoo!! Sorry, Mr Pearson and Mr Jones- if you want to be an activist, go do it elsewhere. You took an oath to maintain that House and you violated it the worse way possible- you helped an insurrection invade the House and you led the invasion. You don’t belong in that House. You knew your argument is unconstitutional and was a losing argument so you just want to SHOUT-DOWN opposing views. You are CRYBABIES who are unfit for that office.

    Your article and the arguments of Ainsley and Brian need to be on the air, everyday, 10x a day. That’s how the evil progressives turned J6 into yet a fourth witch-hunt of DJT.

  3. This is what progressives do best. These 3 legislators don’t want the shooter’s progressive transgender mental instability and hatred to EVER become the primary debate topic- so they go with a gun control debate. This shows how important it is for them keep the real debate topic quiet (trans violence and mental instability). They decided they needed to SHOUT DOWN every other debater and take-over the House! ( this is what BLM and the antifa fascists do)
    They did their own little insurrection. In my opinion, these legislators are more culpable than any of the J6 protestors because these
    Folks violated their Oath. They are traitors, as in sedition.

  4. An insurrection for sure. Its only against Republicans. I am tired of people crying racism because maybe its just their value system that isn’t appreciated.


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