Fox News Guest Reveals The Real Reason Why The Left Hates Elon Musk

(Congress Report) – A guest who made an appearance on the Fox Business Network on Tuesday stated that the reason radical leftists hate billionaire Elon Musk and his acquisition of Twitter so much is because his running the company makes censoring those with a conservative political view more “difficult.”

This is right on the money. Liberals spent years infiltrating Twitter and transforming it into a platform designed to help them spread propaganda and create narratives in an echo chamber designed to brainwash people and to silence conservatives from sharing counter points of view. The policies that Musk is working on implementing are making it harder to slap proverbial duct tape across the digital mouths of liberal political opponents.

“I think it is. [It u]sed to be when we were growing up, free speech was something on which the right and left agreed,” Deroy Murdock replied when asked by ‘Kudlow’ guest host Sean Duffy if it was a big deal. “At some point, the left got off of that highway, went down a very dark path. These are people who are very happy to take people like conservatives to come to college campuses we don’t want to hear you speak, we’re gonna shut down your speech, sometimes physically attack people like that.”

“These are the same folks with Merrick Garland, DOJ if parents want to complain at school boards they’re domestic terrorists and must be investigated, and you see this over and over,” Murdock asserted. “The Hunter Biden laptop story, rather than debate it, true or false, just shut it down, don’t let anybody hear about it two or three weeks before a national election. So, the Left has become a very much, I think they’ve got a crypto-totalitarian nature to them. They hate Elon Musk because he is trying to make censorship difficult in America.”

Sierra Marlee of BizPacReview provides some excellent examples of Musk waging war on behalf of freedom of speech. Marlee reported that Musk took to Twitter on Monday where he shredded the media over their distaste of defending free speech, taking a shot at one reporter in particular who asked what President Joe Biden’s administration is doing to ensure that Twitter does not become a “vector of misinformation.”

“During a daily press briefing with White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, Reuters’ Andrea Shalal questioned what was being done by the government to monitor Twitter,” Marlee wrote.

“There’s a researcher at Stanford who says that this is a critical moment, really, in terms of ensuring that Twitter does not become a vector of misinformation,” she proclaimed. “Elon Musk says there’s more and more subscribers coming online, are you concerned about that and what tools do you have – who is it at the White House that is really keeping track of this?”

According to Harold Hutchison of the Daily Caller, “Musk closed the deal to purchase Twitter for $44 billion in October, seeking to create a ‘common digital town square’ on the site, according to the Wall Street Journal. After taking over, Musk announced a general amnesty for most banned accounts Thursday following the reinstatement of former President Donald Trump’s account, along with the personal account of Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, the Babylon Bee, comedian Kathy Griffin and commentator Jordan Peterson.”

Musk then trimmed the fat off the company by firing a very substantial percentage of the individuals who worked for Twitter, proving that the vast majority of those employed there served no real purpose, as the platform is actually running better than ever off of a smaller staff.

However, Musk said the reason for the firings had to do with the company’s financial situation, which was not good at all when the billionaire bought it out.

“Since Musk’s takeover, numerous advertisers paused their spending, while Democratic senators pushed for a Federal Trade Commission investigation into the social media site. Musk claimed Monday that Apple threatened to remove Twitter from its App Store, and called out the tech giant’s CEO Tim Cook,” Hutchison wrote.

Duffy then went on to question if liberals were concerned about social media sites following in Twitter’s footsteps.

“It does. It’s kind of like back in 1989, when some guard went into the field of Hungary, snipped three pieces of wire and about three months later the Berlin Wall came down,” Murdock replied. “I think that’s exactly what they’re afraid of. If you have free speech on Twitter, pretty soon all the other platforms will let people debate things on both sides of the issue. What a shock would that be.”

Dave Rubin, a political commentator with TheBlaze, retweeted the exchange which features Jean-Pierre admitting the White House is “keeping an eye” on Twitter. And this, of course, quickly caught the attention of Musk who was not happy to hear this at all.

“Why are so many in the media against free speech? This is messed up,” the billionaire owner of the company responded.

And as it turns out, there’s quite a few people who agree with Musk:

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