Explosive Report: DOJ Received Joe Biden Bribery Allegation In 2018… Then They Did This

(Congress Report) – A highly respected federal prosecutor approached the Department of Justice back in the fall of 2018, on the behalf of a foreign witness who stated they were in possession of evidence that would prove Joe Biden had “exercised influence to protect” his son’s employer, an energy firm located in Ukraine, in exchange for cash delivered to his family, Just the News revealed, based on documentation and interviews they obtained.

John Solomon reports, “The agency didn’t take up the ex-prosecutor on his offer but instead secretly obtained his phone records a year later in an apparent effort to identify his contacts. Retired Little Rock, Ark., U.S. Attorney Bud Cummins wrote then-New York U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman on Oct. 4, 2018 that then-Ukraine Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko was willing to travel to the United States to present evidence about the Bidens and Burisma Holdings.”

According to an Email from Cummins to Berman, Lutsenko believes that “VP Biden (and Sec State Kerry) exercised influence to protect Burisma Holdings in exchange for payments to Hunter Biden, (business partner) Devon Archer, and Joe Biden.”

Joe Biden’s younger son, Hunter, along with one of his business partners, Devon Archer, were both given positions on the board of Burisma, which is a natural gas company located in Ukraine, during the spring of 2014. During this time, the elder Biden was serving as vice president in the Obama administration and in charge of U.S.-Ukraine policy.

The U.S. State Department, along with many State officials, believed Burisma was a corrupt company, so the fact they hired the son of a sitting vice president raised more than a few eyebrows. These same individuals have testified that they think the company hiring the son of the VP looked like a conflict of interest.

“In a series of emails, Cummins said Lutsenko could produce two ‘John Doe’ witnesses who could corroborate the claims, including that some of the money Burisma paid to Hunter Biden as a board member for Ukrainian oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky’s firm benefited Joe Biden,” Solomon reported.

“There is a claim they have proof of a wire of significant funds from Zlochevsky to Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC which they claim directly went to the benefit of Joe Biden,” Cummins noted in the message. “I have never understood why they think they know it went to him. I think the entity was associated with Hunter Biden and Archer.”

“All I have been told is that the person who made the transfers was told that ‘one goes to Joe Biden.’ A little thin,” Cummins later declared in one of several emails attempting to poke and prod Berman to set up a meeting.

“In an interview with Just the News and The New York Post, Cummins said he was surprised DOJ didn’t engage and try to determine if what Ukrainian officials were alleging was true,” Solomon continued.

“I can’t really imagine a legitimate reason for the DOJ not to follow up on an offer like that,” he remarked. “I felt like it was stonewalled.”

“Cummins, who served as chief federal prosecutor for the Arkansas federal district under George W. Bush, said he was even more stunned late last year when he got a belated notice from Apple that federal prosecutors obtained data in 2019 from his iPhone with a grand jury subpoena,” Solomon added.

Cummins also asserted that the secret search of his phone felt a whole lot like some form of revenge for his taking the information to the DOJ.

“It doesn’t make much sense to investigate the guy who brings you the allegation rather than the allegation,” he pointed out.

Is this yet another example of the radical leftist Deep State attempting to weaponize federal law enforcement as a means of silencing their political enemies who are attempting to hold Democrats accountable for their corruption?

Certainly looks that way.

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  1. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!! i left Cuba to escape this type of government power reach. Don’t think t cant happen here. It already is. I can see why there are billions going to Ukraine

  2. This is an example of how socialist countries control the investigators/prosecutors to hide facts demonstrating the Leadership (JOE Biden) is corrupt! When I reported that 9-11 terrorists were already in the United States before 9-11 (ask the FBI) that was ignored and we continuously ignore the Felonious criminal activities regarding the Biden Family? Where are those unbiased investigative reporters – must have been their socialist training.

  3. Why has this not reached the Attorney General and DOJ! This is an obvious effort to hide the money under multiple fraudulent means. We have a constitutional crises allowing the President’s family to obtain millions while his Middle Class cronies are game to be screwed! Thanks Joe


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