Alvin Bragg’s Chief Prosecutor Brags About Letting Violent Offenders Off Easy

(Congress Report) – A trend we’ve seen over the course of the last several years involves district attorneys backed by billionaire socialist George Soros being installed in cities around the country where they engage in soft on crime policies, essentially giving weak prison sentences to violent criminals. This has led to many offenders being released with a relative quickness that results in them returning to the streets and continuing in their previous behaviors. And no care seems to be given for the victims by these Soros puppets either.

Well, according to Fox News, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s chief prosecutor, Meg Reiss, recently boasted about how she’s been employing the use of her “restorative justice” approach in order to allow violent felons, one of which is an actual murderer, to avoid going to prison. Not really something one should be bragging about, but hey, since when do diehard progressives possess any semblance of a moral compass?

“We know incarceration doesn’t really solve any problems,” Reiss noted during a Peace Institute event in May 2021. Fox News Digital stated in a previous report that Reiss asserted criminals are not ‘bad dudes’ while also taking an opportunity to criticize juries for having the audacity to believe police officers facing misconduct allegations and thinking they deserve the “benefit of the doubt.”

Reiss then went on to describe how Bragg helped a murderer get out of serving jail time for a homicide victim who happened to not have a lot of family members.

“She said a man who was facing a manslaughter charge for killing another person during a violent altercation was able to leave without any prison time, calling it ‘extraordinary,'” Fox reported.

“It was an incident between two people that knew each other very well. And it was sort of… a fight that ended up with one person dying and the person who was charged had substance misuse issues and other things. And going through the outcome in the case, it just seemed appropriate for restorative practice rather than a carceral sentence,” Reiss remarked.

“Reiss said that the victim only had one family as a relative, whom he did not know. In fact, the daughter ‘never met her father,’ Reiss commented. The Manhattan DA worked with this daughter of the estranged father to engage in a restorative practice circle with the perpetrator, instead of incarceration,” the article continued.

Well, now she’ll never get a chance to know him. Reiss and Bragg robbed her of that opportunity. And yet, that doesn’t seem to trouble her conscience at all. Then again, you need to have one before it can be bothered, right?

Mike Gonzalez of the Heritage Foundation explained that the phrase “restorative justice” is what progressives call the antidote to the “systemic racism” they claim plagues the United States.

Reiss revealed there are many violent criminals who are given referrals away from incarceration.

“So we’re really trying to shift to restorative outcomes being the really default to the work that we do,” Reiss explained. “So there’s some things where that already happens… for people that are charged with causing harm, actual violence… where they actually cause actual harm to another person.”

“To divert violent criminals facing felonies in adult courts, generally around the ages of 18-26, Reiss said she ‘screens’ the cases with an organization called Common Justice,” the report added.

“That’s a default in our office,” she declared.

“In New York City, we operate the… alternative-to-incarceration and victim-service program… that focuses on violent felonies in the adult courts,” the organization went on to say.

Common Justice also states that it helps its partners to “develo[p] and advanc[e] solutions to violence that… foster racial equity without relying on incarceration.”

“Reiss also blasted the idea that criminals in New York illegally possessing firearms should amount to jail time,” Fox disclosed. “She said the office has a ‘gun diversion’ program for criminals illegally possessing firearms.”

“We do gun diversion that has a restorative component to it as well. In New York State, there’s a mandatory minimum for just straight gun possession, no acts of violence, straight gun possession of three and a half years,” the prosecutor explained.

In the state of New York, criminal possession of a firearm is a Class E felony and could land you in prison for up to four years and a $5,000 fine. When the district attorney’s office was asked whether it’s their usual practice to divert Class E felons and other violent criminals away from Class E felony charges, they did not respond.

Fox News divulged, “Bragg’s office has been in the spotlight as it leads the hush money probe and indictment of former President Donald Trump on 34 Class E felony charges, which could amount to over 100 years in prison if he is convicted of all charges. Trump’s indictment marked the first time a U.S. president, former or current, had ever been charged with a crime. Trump has accused Bragg, a Democrat, of political bias against him.”

Reiss also previously helped to found the Institute for Innovation on Prosecution in order to allegedly help bring about racial equity reforms, a group rooted deeply in critical race theory ideology.

“The institute believes in an ideologically driven approach to prosecution that takes into account historical factors. For example, the Institute argued in a report, signed with Reiss’ name, that prosecutors must focus on ‘acknowledging our nation’s shameful history of slavery and racism which continues to cloud the criminal justice system,'” the article noted.

The IIP actually made the suggestion that prosecutors should purposefully undermine the charges brought forward by police officers, a strategy that is part of the group’s racial equity mission.

“Your charging authority gives you the power to check and counterbalance some police actions,” IIP stated in explanation of its policy. “Recognize the systems that are upstream from your office that may perpetuate racial disparities in the justice system, and take steps in your own office to resist those trends.”

“Meg Reiss is a former homicide prosecutor who has worked collaboratively with all stakeholders throughout the criminal justice system and has been in public service for decades. She is a widely respected attorney who ensures every case is evaluated based on the facts and the law,” a spokesperson for the DA’s office went on to say in a statement given to Fox News Digital.

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  1. Bragg, Reiss, and host of other DA’s and attorneys should be disbarred and jailed for their actions! Soros and OBiden as well!!!!!!

  2. Maybe Reiss will meet up one of these psychotic, violent, things, (hopefully one she released) in some very dark alley, carve her up a bit and have his way, then dump her like the trash she is. This is how it is in cook county also. Thats ok meg, and kimm. The law abiding 2A supporters will begin handling these problems and VERY SOON.


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